January 2012

SEO Blogging

5 SEO Blogging Tips

I’ve talked before about how Google loves blogs and how WordPress helps you rank. The reason for this is because Google loves fresh, regularly updated and relevant content, and that’s blogging all over. Just using WordPress on your site obviously isn’t going to guarantee you anything, so every time you make a new post keep …

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How to Use Pop Up Domination

How to Use Pop Up Domination To Explode Your List Via Facebook

Pop Up Domination is great for significantly improving your email list signups on your website (check out my Pop Up Domination Review if you’re not convinced), but it’s also extremely effective for improving sign ups on your Facebook fan page. If you don’t have a Facebook fan page yet, check out my post on how …

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RSS feeds are web content packagers which aggregate all of the content from a particular website, service, blog, etc. into one condensed feed. Internet users can select which RSS feeds they are interested in and read them in a software which aggregates their various feeds into one easy to read and access list. RSS feeds …

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