January 2013

how to rank videos

How to Rank Videos

At the time of this post, Google’s own YouTube videos (coincidentally enough) tend to rank well in the SERPs. This means more traffic for Google butThis means that if you’re not creating videos to coincide with your content or just creating videos on their own then you’re leaving a lot of potential traffic on the …

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SEO in 2013

We have managed to sidestep the end of the world (fingers still crossed), so now we can turn our attention to this new year and specifically we can begin the discussion on what is going to work for SEO in 2013. Addressing what will work in SEO this year just as importantly means identifying what …

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what is the google dance

What is the Google Dance?

The Google Dance is not to be confused with the Google Honeymoon Period which refers to new sites and new pages enjoying top rankings shortly or immediately after being published. In this article we’re going to identify what exactly the Google Dance is and what the major occurrences for it are. What is the Google …

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