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The Converting Copy Podcast Episode 5 – Do Exact Match Domains Matter

This episode tackles the extent to which exact match domains matter or not from an SEO point of view when it comes time to register a new URL or purchase one from a third party or at auction.

The Converting Copy Podcast Episode 4 – How to Bolster Your Sales Letter

Here we discuss how to really beef up a sales letter, covering the common mistakes people make and ways to really see your conversions break through the roof.

The Converting Copy Podcast Episode 3 – Long Copy Vs. Short Copy.mp3

Today we’re breaking down the difference between long copy and short copy. As you might have guessed, each has its own applications and should be pulled out in different scenarios, so we’ll navigate those waters in this podcast.

The Converting Copy Podcast Episode 2 – What Is Link Velocity

Link velocity refers to how quickly and with what consistency links are created which point to a site. Building too quickly will understandably look unnatural and get you in trouble along with spikes in your link acquisition profile, so we talk about the sweet spot which looks natural and will help you rank.

The Converting Copy Podcast Episode 1 – Types of Links

Today we discuss the various types of links, one way, two way reciprocal, and plenty more variations, not to mention what works best when it comes to ranking.

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