Backlinking Your Backlinks

Creating backlinks is the best way to accomplish your goals as a webmaster and the most fundamental and important aspect of search engine optimization. Backlinks will:

1 – Bring in traffic to your site.

2 – Raise your site and individual pages in the SERPs.

3 – Improve upon the authority and reputation of your site in the various search engine’s eyes (see 2).

For most of us this is pretty well traveled ground, but today I’m going to talk about backlinking your backlinks in terms of what I mean, how it works, and why you should do it.Backlinking Your Backlinks

Backlinking Your Backlinks

Say that you create a link to your website on an article directory. If it’s a high profile directory like Ezine Articles then it’s likely that that link will get noticed by Google. We don’t want to exclusively rely on just one of ANY kind of site, remember that Google loves link diversity and that includes all kinds of links from different types of sites, different sites within that type, and sites which are authoritative and probably not so authoritative (as the case may be).

The problem with creating links to your site from smaller sites is that they likely won’t get picked up/indexed as easily or likely as a backlink from a more highly trafficked and authoritative site like Ezine (not even every Ezine article gets picked up right away or at all sometimes). Therefore it can really help to backlink your backlinks.

This means that when you create a backlink to your site, think about bookmarking or RSSing that link. This significantly improves the chances that Google will find that content and thus give you credit for the link, thus improving your “money site” URL’s position in the SERPs for its keyword.

So in staying with the Ezine example, if we write an article, submit it to Ezine, and it eventually gets published on their site, we would take that URL for the article and bookmark. You might also think about pinging it with your ping utility of choice (see how to ping).

Creating backlinks to your backlinks is one way of getting Google or your search engine of choice to notice your content and to significantly increase the odds that you’ll get credit for that link, but it’s not the only way. Check out my post on 8 ways of how to get your website indexed for more tips to ensure that your content gets found OFF of your website in addition to just focusing on content on your site.

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