Affiliate/Advertising Networks + Resources I Use

The following is a list of my top money makers from affiliate networks to advertising systems which I use on my various affiliate sites. I’ve included a bit of information on each of them to give you a better idea of what they offer or how they work.

Clickbank – Clickbank is a simple affiliate network which is easy to join and their marketplace has tons of products to promote and boasts the best commission rates of virtually any network out there today. This is because they exclusively deal in digital goods like informational and software based products, so the lack of shipping costs means that affiliates can earn up to 75% per sale which a customer makes via your affiliate link, depending on the product.

Neverblue – Neverblue is likely my favorite CPA/CPL network. They have a little of current relevant campaigns you can promote and offers which include both cost per action and cost per lead. Additionally, when you sign up you are assigned a specific affiliate manager who will help you with any issues you have and who will keep you updated on the best converting offers which you can promote yourself.

Market Leverage – Market Leverage is another affiliate network rich with CPL offers. Like with Neverblue, each affiliate gets their own affiliate manager to help you and Market Leverage also boasts some of the highest CPL commissions you’ll find anywhere.

Infolinks – This is an advertising network which enables you to make money on advertising on your site without actually including any conventional ads like banners or even Adsense. Instead, the ads are included within the text of your site which you’ve likely witnessed elsewhere before. I use Infolinks on a number of my affiliate sites as it’s a great money maker which isn’t too intrusive given the placement of the ads, so your readers won’t mind it. I like Infolinks because I find I get a healthy click thru rate on their ads and they offer the best revenue share, giving you 70% of the money made every time someone clicks on one of the ads on your site, plus you get that rate regardless of how much or little traffic your site receives.

Text Link Ads – Text Link Ads is another advertising network much like Infolinks which enables you to include advertising as clickable ads within your text. Up until recently I used TLA on most of my high trafficked sites, but I’ve since switched over to Infolinks because I was enjoying a higher click thru rate with their ads after trying them for a month. I encourage you to try both as another aspect of analytics to see which yields a better click thru for you and earns you more income. Like Infolinks, I greatly prefer this form of low intrusive advertising over Adsense which comes off as being tacky and cluttered looking to me.

OIO Publisher – OIO Publisher is a nifty plugin for WordPress which automates the entire process of advertisers purchasing ad space on your site. It takes care of dealing with the advertiser, publishing the ad, and handling payments to you so that all you have to do is approve the ad. This enables you to focus on the task at hand of creating content and promoting your site rather than worrying about selling your ad spaces.

Purchase OIO Publisher through this link and use the coupon code “L2012-CONVCOPY” to knock $10 off of the price to make it just $37.

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