RSS feeds are web content packagers which aggregate all of the content from a particular website, service, blog, etc. into one condensed feed. Internet users can select which RSS feeds they are interested in and read them in a software which aggregates their various feeds into one easy to read and access list. RSS feeds enable people to keep up with their favorite websites quickly without their having to visit all of their favorite sites one by one. It also lets people pick and choose which content they want to read because they can quickly see the headlines of the latest topics from all of their favorite sites to see if it’s worth their time to actually read it. RSS feeds are great for people, but they’re even better for webmasters like you, so let’s cut right to the chase and talk about the various benefits of RSS SEO.RSS SEO



The first aspect of RSS SEO is traffic; having an RSS feed for your site is a great way to get more traffic coming to your site. You may ask that if someone is receiving your feed and can read your content on there, then why would they actually visit your site, or in other words you’ll get LESS traffic by providing an RSS feed.

This can happen in some cases, but you can make the RSS feed work in your favor by only showing a fragment or summary of your post so that people can decide whether or not they want to read it and have to come to your site to see the whole thing. The same goes for video content; you can’t display video content in an RSS so people would need to visit your site to see any helpful videos you have made.

The point is is that some people only use RSS feeds and refuse to visit websites manually habitually, so providing an RSS feed and giving them the summary can make them click through to your site to where they can fall in love with your content for that day, share it, link to it from their site perhaps. Plus it’s another source of traffic to tap to make money from if you’re including affiliate links in your posts.


Another big point where RSS SEO comes into play is the fact that you can create RSS feeds on various RSS websites like RSS Micro or Feedage to create backlinks to your content on your site OR to create backlinks to your backlinks off of your site.

This is one of the methods which I covered in my post on how to get your website indexed; you have to remember that just because you create a backlink to your site doesn’t necessarily mean that Google will find it.

Because creating and getting backlinks is the best way to dominate the search engines and enjoy all of the spoils which comes with it, you want to do everything that you can to get your backlinks recognized.

The problem is that there are millions if not billions of new backlinks being created every day, so there’s no guarantee that Google will see it so you can help them out by creating backlinks to your backlinks off of your site through methods like RSS feeds and bookmarks to them to help Google notice them and give you the credit for the link.

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