How to Use Pop Up Domination To Explode Your List Via Facebook

Pop Up Domination is great for significantly improving your email list signups on your website (check out my Pop Up Domination Review if you’re not convinced), but it’s also extremely effective for improving sign ups on your Facebook fan page. If you don’t have a Facebook fan page yet, check out my post on how to make a page on Facebook for your website so that you can get the most out of the most trafficked and popular website on the planet.How to Use Pop Up Domination

How to Use Pop Up Domination

So, assuming that you DO have a Facebook fan page for your website, right now I’m going to talk about how to integrate the newest version of Pop Up Domination with your fan page on Facebook so that when someone goes to your page on the social network, they will be greeted by your pop up just as if they were on your own website. Social media is the present and future of traffic, so check out my 4 social media optimization techniques to get the most out of it. Now on to how to use Pop Up Domination in to use pop up domination in facebook

First, log in to Facebook with your account which is associated with your Facebook page. Then go to and register with that same information. Click the “create new app” box in the upper right corner and give it a name which is associated with your site as this is what people will see when they opt in with this template.

Click on the “access token” button and then click on the edit settings link underneath the “create new app” button. Next click on the “I own a website and want to integrate Facebook login” checkbox and proceed to input your information including your site’s URL and the domain name ( format). Once you’ve saved all of your settings, you’ll be given an App ID number.

Take this and paste this into the “Facebook App ID” section of the “template fields” tab. Save the changes in Pop Up Domination while on that tab and you can go ahead and make changes or design your pop up in the plugin and it will begin to appear on your Facebook page just as it would or does on your website itself.

From there it’s all about driving traffic to your Facebook page which is a lot easier to do than driving traffic to your website, particularly when it comes to sending people who are already on Facebook at that moment to your page. Check out my Facebook advertising strategy for more information on how you can start paying for cheap traffic using Facebook’s ads platform and see HUGE conversions because you’ll be sending Facebook users to your page on the social network. This way they don’t have to leave the social network and your click through rate and CPC will be much HIGHER and LOWER, respectively.

Combine this with Pop Up Domination and my 100% FREE Complete Guide to Email Marketing and you’re going to be a very happy and profitable list owner and entrepreneur.

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