5 Craigslist Alternatives

Recently I shared a handful of Craigslist tips on how to post to Craigslist which you can use to get your ads to both remain visible for as long as possible without getting taken down or flagged and how to maximize your ad’s click throughs. Don’t limit yourself to just Craigslist just because it’s the most well known. You can pick up a lot of potential customers and visitors to your site by leaving your best performing ads on other sites, as well, and those other sites are exactly what I’ll be offering today. Let’s talk about 5 popular Craigslist alternatives.Craigslist Alternatives

Craigslist Alternatives


Kijiji is a subsidiary of Ebay and serves as their classifieds vehicle. It’s very similar to Craigslist in that you can create ads in a number of topical areas. While Kijiji doesn’t get as much traffic as Craigslist, it’s still one of Craigslist’s major competitors and the fact that it doesn’t get as much traffic means that your ads won’t be forced out by new ads as often. Additionally, the ads linger for as much as 60 days, so you can throw up an ad in a low competition niche and dominate the visibility with a great headline for weeks yellow pagesand months at a time.

Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages may be obsolete in physical form, but that’s only because the internet has replaced it, so why not use their online Yellow Pages site to list your site and for free at that. You can also pay to get a more premium and prominent listing.


Oodle is another place where you can list ads which is similar to Kijiji and Craigslist. Again, because it doesn’t get as much traffic as Craigslist, other webmasters and business owners don’t see it as being worth their time, so the ads which get put up there will generally linger for at least 30 days without getting bumped out like the major problem is with Craigslist in the heavily pooodlepulated categories/cities.

US Free Ads

US Free Ads has been around for a long time for promoting whatever you need whether that’s your business, website, product, service, or you just have something you’re looking to buy or sell. Your ad can also stay up for longer periods of time versus other Craigslist alternatives, almost to the point of a year. You can also pay a bit to get your ad to stand out emboldened from the rest with a premium status.


Backpage has a front portal page interface which looks a lot like Craigslist’s. You can create a free local ad for a specific city but you have to pay for a premium ad if you want your ad on multiple locations at once (ie to promote your online website’s service to as many people as possible), so the Craigslist tips apply if you want to put your ads in different locations without breaking the bank. The plus side is that if you do pay, your premium ad will remain in place and will not be bumped off as it’s on the side, separate from the other free ads much like Adwords.

There is also a feature where you can pay to have your ad republished at the top of the category you published it to originally every 3 days for roughly $0.10 per time.

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