How to Get Blog Comments Approved

Awhile back I talked about how to make your own auto approve blog list. I don’t recommend spending a lot of time commenting on auto approve blogs even using software because the links aren’t worth much unless you’re trying to get something indexed or build links to something on the bottom tier of your link structure. It’s much better to focus on leaving high quality/valuable comments manually on high PR relevant blogs. I talked the other day on how to make sure you leave the first blog comment so you can get your comment in before anyone else; now today let’s talk about how to get blog comments approved.

How to Get Blog Comments Approved

Read the Post and Leave a Good Comment – This is job one. Read the post and make sure your comment is not only relevant but adds something to the discussion which other readers can get substantial value out of. If you don’t do this you’re wasting your time because no one is going to click through to your site and the blog owner likely won’t approve it. Check out my post on what makes for a good blog comment for more info.How to Get Your Blog Comments Approved

Use a Normal Name – While you may be tempted to use your keyword as your name, there is no faster way to get your comment shut down than having some awkward keyword as your name, particularly if it’s not even related to the topic of the blog. This also makes it look like you’re not just groping for a link and link juice.

Link Use/Placement – Also, pay attention to what kind of blog it is in terms of format. Some blogs allow for links within the comment itself. If this is the case, then think about leaving the website field blank altogether and focusing on (naturally) putting your link in the comment. When I say natural I mean so that it flows and you’re not calling attention to your link. For example, you could say midway through your comment “I disagree with the bit that dog food (dog food is the anchor text for the link here) is best for your dog out of a can”.

Comment Often – Finally, the best way to get approved is to comment often with good comments and build a rapport with that webmaster. Contacting them about a guest blogging post opportunity is another great way to get on their radar and while it seems like a lot of work, some relevant blogs are more than worth it.

I’ve heard some people say that when all else fails you can also get away with a bit of sneakiness with some blogs in the form of stealthily sneaking your link in via the punctuation like the period. You probably won’t get much traffic from it as if the blog owner doesn’t see it then what are the odds that anyone else will, but you could get a bit of curiosity traffic if anyone does see it and plus it’s still a (generic) link.

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