How to Make Your Own Auto Approve Blog List

Auto approve blogs, sometimes referred to as AA blogs, are those which automatically approve comments which someone makes on them. This is in contrast to those blogs where a webmaster manually approves every pending comment which is left before it will go live.Auto Approve Blog List

Auto Approve Blog List

Most blogs, or at least the majority of the legitimate and serious blogs out there are going to be non auto approve. By leaving your blog on the auto approve status you leave it open to getting spammed to death which is why most webmasters leave the auto approve setting off so that they have to manually read and approve every comment before it goes live. This way they can avoid people leaving spammy or nonsensical comments as well as links which can take their visitors away from their site and even to possibly dangerous or inappropriate sites.

Still, auto approve blogs have their place when you need a quick link or a number of quick links for indexing or sending to a lower tiered link of yours. Whatever your reasons for wanting to find them, let’s talk about how to make your own auto approve blog list which you can tap every time you need some quick links.

There are a few ways to create your own auto approve blog list. One of my favorite methods is through looking at your competition. through Market Samurai; the good ole fashioned way. Go to a niche where there’s a lot of serious marketers vying for some very competitive keywords. They’ll be using their most and best links to vie for that keyword, so we can piggyback off of their hard work.

Go to Google and search for a heavily contested niche/keyword like “buy viagra” and check out the sites listed on the first page. Add all of those sites to the SEO Competition module of Market Samurai and analyze their backlinks. You can compile a list of 1000 links in a few minutes.

Now fire up Scrapebox and load those links into it and set it to automatically comment on those URLs. Take the ones which completed and use the “Check Link” feature in Scrapebox to see which ones stuck instantly and voila, you have your very own auto approve blog list which you can also check and sort by PR in Scrapebox to prioritize them, as well.

Now in the future, you can load up that list for your commenting to get hundreds of instantly approved links. You can also manually comment on the prioritized highest PR ones if you don’t like automated commenting.

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