How to Make Good Blog Comments

Good blog comments can get you noticed by both the blog owner and its readers and can score you some traffic when you include a link back to your website. If the blog allows for link juice then you’ll pick some of that up, as well, but that’s pretty few and far between.

You won’t enjoy any of the perks of blog commenting, however, if you don’t leave good blog to make good blog comments

Luckily it doesn’t take too much to leave good blog comments these days on a lot of blogs if you put half a minute’s thought into your comment. Just the very fact that you’re actually leaving a relevant response to the blogger’s post as opposed to “wow I never thought of that, I hope to read more information from you on this subject matter” will earn you some early brownie points on its own, as most people don’t know how to blog comment but rather how to mindlessly spam or get an automated program to do it for them.

So what makes for good blog comments? There is a very simple but specific process which I’ll lay out for you.

How to Make Good Blog Comments

First – Read the post and think of what you liked about it and what the blogger may have left out of it.

Second – Elaborate on these points. Longer/more substance is better when it comes to blog commenting.

Third – Read and edit your post accordingly.

Last – Publish with a link to your site where they let you include it.

It’s that simple, but most people are in such a rush that they blow past the first three steps.

Another technique which a lot of bloggers don’t consider at first is to answer questions from other comment leavers. Some blogs let you make direct replies to other guests, or you can just answer the question whenever you happen to step in.

By stepping in before the blogger themselves and answering that person’s question, you can look like quite the blog comment star and authority guy and attract the attention of everyone who reads that post.

Now that you know what good blog comments look like, why not apply that using my post on how to do guest blogging.

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