How to Install WordPress Easily

Admittedly one of the greatest deterrents keeping the average person from setting up a website is how complex it seems. In the past I have put together a post on how to set up a website easy step by step and that makes it pretty darn easy, but I’m going to go one step further today and show an easier way of how to install WordPress.How to Install WordPress Easily

How to Install WordPress Easily

Now that we have covered the how, let us cover the why. Why WordPress? Google loves WordPress run sites as opposed to a static HTML sites and you should, too.

Google loves WordPress and it even helps you rank better (see 5 ways WordPress helps you rank better). For instance, WordPress makes it ridiculously easy to add new content to your site. You simply log in, click “new post” and you can start writing your post just as if you were writing it in Word, no FTP required. This makes it simple to put up a new post whenever you fancy and Google likes frequently updated sites because they understandably believe that it provides a better and more relevant experience for the visitor so they’ll rank it better than a static site with the same to install wordpress easily

Additionally, WordPress makes it simple to optimize your site in terms of SEO. You don’t have to concern yourself with meta descriptions or keywords in terms of HTML as there are plenty of plugins and themes which have specific places to add your keywords. Just put in your description for a page using a good SEO plugin (see the best WordPress plugins for 2012) and that will be reflected in the SERPs once Google updates. This makes it so that you don’t have to concern yourself with the SEO and can focus on good content creation which is again what Google wants.

Besides the fact that you can please Google, aesthetically you can get any kind of look or functionality out of your site using WordPress through the thousands and potentially millions of plugins and themes plus menus and widgets. The theme dictates the look of your site and there are thousands of free ones and thousands of premium ones (see where to get the best WordPress themes) with greater functionality to achieve any goal you may have.

Check out my video on how to use WordPress for more information if you are interested now that you know how to easily get it installed on your site.

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