3 Tips on How to Write Better Sales Page Copy

Sales page copy refers to any text on your sales page whether that’s in a headline, in a small body paragraph, and regardless of the font style, color, or size. There are a few subtle tactics which you can implement or take stock of to improve your chances at generating a conversion. Consider my 3 tips on how to write better sales page copy and improve your conversion ratio by making a few simple changes to your page.How to Write Better Sales Page Copy

How to Write Better Sales Page Copy

Get them to Agree With You – First you want to get your potential customer to agree with you about the problem they are facing. Yes they are already aware of their problem, that’s why they’re on your site to begin with. The key is to state their problem out loud so that THEY KNOW that you know what they are going through.

This effectively puts them o your side and forms the beginnings of a bond. You can convey their problem in your starting headline. You may also outline some stats or points at this point which serve as evidence to support how bad their problem is.

What Doesn’t Work – Next you want to list off the things which don’t work or no longer work. This gives you authority that you know what you’re talking about and furthers this bond of trust that you’re developing in your reader.

Furthermore it also lets them know why what they’re possibly doing themselves isn’t working and why they’re having their problem. You not only know that they’re having their problem but WHY they’re having their problem now, as well.

Your Solution – After you have baited them and built up their trust over the course of your sales page, it’s time to offer them your solution. It’s effective to follow up the what doesn’t work section by pointing out then what does work and sets you up as an authority on the subject, the kind of authority where the perception is that you’re the only person in your niche who has the correct solution; the solution which you are offering through your product.

At the same time you should pepper in some testimonials if you have them. I prefer this over stuffing all of them at the end as these will help you build trust when matched and put along the other sections.

Remember that a well written sales letter will increase the perceived value of your product, enabling you to raise the actual price itself on your product. Also, don’t forget to check out my 10 sales page copywriting tips for even more help on raising your conversions.

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