10 Press Release Tips

Yesterday I talked about the importance of writing a press release for your site from time to time to increase your brand awareness as well as the online marketing standards of link juice and traffic and even showed you a press release example for this site. Today we’re going to talk about what makes for a great press release with a number of press release tips which you should keep in mind when writing your release. Press Release Tips

Press Release Tips

  1. Your press release should be written in the 3rd person, so write it as if someone else were talking about your website or business.
  2. In the same vein, never address your reader directly unless it’s part of a quote.
  3. If possible, include at least one quote in your release when applicable. This should be something positive and impressive which someone else said about your site.
  4. Keep keyword research in mind here, as well. Press release sites are in many ways like article directories and are capable of ranking on their own, plus it will help your site rank for those keywords, as well, so use it in your title as well as in the body, tags, and even as anchor text if possible. Some sites allow for you to use anchor text/hyperlinks whereas others do not or only with a premium membership.
  5. Write your press release somewhere between 250 and 300 words. It should be enough to paint a sparkling picture of your website/service but at the same time it shouldn’t be too long so that you’re losing people’s attention, supplying superfluous information, or boasting too much about yourself.
  6. Include an image if you can as this helps your press release stand out from those who don’t use one.
  7. Close with a URL to your site as you’ve got to figure if someone has taken the time to read your entire press release, they’ll likely want to check out your site, as well. A lot of sites do this automatically for you when you input your website’s URL with the rest of the release.
  8. Generally there isn’t a rule against submitting to multiple sites. If you’re submitting to a high PR site like PRWeb or another high quality premium site then you would likely make your press release unique for them, but for the free sites you want to get your press release in front of as many audiences as possible.
  9. I recommend writing and submitting a new press release or at least a new version of your existing press release every few days as this will keep it fresh on press release sites as well as in search engines for press release results.
  10. In continuing with the last press release tip, split test your press releases by writing one and submitting it then tracking your results. Write a brand new press release and submit it again to see which gets more views and then more click-throughs. It’s not going to be as obvious as split testing something like PPC ads, but continue doing this and your press release will continue to get stronger with each new revision.
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