A Winning Press Release Example

Yesterday I talked about the importance of writing a press release or multiple press releases for your website. Today I’m going to show you an actual press release example which I’ve used in the past which has brought in a great deal of traffic to this site.Press Release Example

This traffic was incredibly targeted, as well, as is usually the case with traffic which you receive off of press releases because your press release tells the reader exactly what they’ll expect when visiting your site, so anyone who clicks through the links in the release to visit my site is coming in this case expecting SEO and copywriting tips which I deliver on a daily basis on ConvertingCopy; so again this is a very powerful form of marketing which you should be using.

Press Release Example

Now in 2011, roughly 2 billion people, or just under 30% of the entire world’s population, are regularly using the internet. This figure is up by nearly 500% from 10 years ago.

Not only does this mean that there is more traffic online than ever, but it also means that there are more competing web pages vying for top search engine spots than ever. Statistically on average, a person using a search engine will click on the number one listed website for their search term roughly 41% of the time.

Consequently, search engine optimization has become big business in recent years as the internet and specifically search engines have grown in popularity as the implications of reaching the top spot in Google or any other search engine for a particular keyword have become clear.

80% of optimizing your website for the search engines is quick and simple to implement if you know what to do.

Unfortunately, SEO companies charge substantial amounts of money to webmasters desperate for those coveted search engine rankings in order to perform this search engine optimization.

Enter ConvertingCopy.com – A free website devoted to teaching webmasters daily SEO and copywriting tips to employ for reaching the top of the search engines and converting on that traffic once it reaches their sites.

Started and maintained by Paul Ventura, an SEO and copywriting specialist with 5+ years experience in ranking websites, ConvertingCopy.com teaches webmasters the fundamentals of SEO and copywriting with daily lessons under the assumption that you don’t need to break or even touch the bank to learn how to rank atop the search engines and gain the maximum exposure for their businesses online.

In writing this press release, I offered a couple of impressive facts about the internet and search engines in terms of how many people are using the internet today and generally how many people click on the number one listed website for their search term.

People love stats, and both of these grab the reader’s attention and this sets them up for the next point where I introduce my website as the free solution to learning how to get their websites in that number one search engine position and establishes my site as the free alternative to pricey SEO companies who charge for things which most webmasters can do themselves very quickly and easily.

Check out my 10 press release tips for writing your very own perfect press release for your site or company.

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