What Are LSI Keywords And Why Should You Be Using Them?

Latent semantic indexing keywords, or LSI keywords is really just a dressed up name for synonyms or related keywords. It’s one of the Google ranking factors because to Google it looks much more natural to use variations of your keywords as opposed to repeating the same keyword over and over again.What Are LSI Keywords

What Are LSI Keywords

Keyword stuffing, or repeating the same keyword over and over on your page in order to rank well for it, doesn’t work like it used to and can actually get you in trouble these days with search engines because it looks fake and manipulative.

Today, it’s much more effective and natural to mix in a number of LSI keywords with your main keyword and the rest of your content. This looks more natural for your readers and it looks more natural to search engines while continuing to give them a much better idea of what your content is about without looking like you’re trying to manipulate the system.

You can use a combination of common sense when coming up with LSI keywords based on your main keyword as well as any keyword research tool. I use Market Samurai because it’s the best and because it’s free.

This program will give you a list of up to 800 related keywords to your initial keyword search, many of which are LSI keywords and can be used as such sprinkled in with the rest of your content.

Remember that your main keyword is still the most important as this is the keyword you’re trying to rank for, so you should be using it in your H1 tags when applicable. Once you’re ranking at the top of the SERPs for that keyword, you’ll find that you’re starting to rank for that main keyword’s LSI keywords, as well.

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