What To Do When You’re Desperate – How to Make Money Online Quickly

It’s no secret that we’re going through some seriously trying economic times. Recession, depression, double dip recession, whatever the experts and analysts are calling it at the moment, times are difficult and the unemployment rate is one of the worst in the history of our country.How to Make Money Online Quickly

How to Make Money Online Quickly

While one of the things which I do with this site is teach people how to make money with developing a website through affiliate marketing and advertising (see how to monetize a website or sign up for my 10 Day Fast Track Affiliate Course), admittedly it takes some time to develop a profitable website which you can live off of.

Therefore today we’re going to talk about what to do when you’re desperate and cover how to make money online quickly. More importantly this will only talk about how to make money fast online for free specifically.

Micro Job Sitesfiverr

Offering your services is quite possibly the fastest way to make money online quickly. Micro job sites like Fiverr.com are how a lot of people make a guaranteed quick buck by advertising their services to interested clients. These are websites which you can go to and make money from virtually anything which you can think of. Take your talents and advertise them on these sites and interested clients will contact you about doing your advertised job for them.

You get paid immediately for doing what you love or have a skill for whether that’s writing articles/content, doing work in Photoshop for someone, doing a drawing or sketch, doing voiceover work; literally anything you can think of.

GigHour, Gigbucks, Fittytown pay out at much higher tiers than Fiverr so think about how much whatever you’re advertising is worth and get to it. I have put together a complete resource on how to make money with Fiverr to stand out from the crowd, find clients, and get paid; this information can be applied to any micro job site, as well.


Craigslist is still a great place for finding quick one off jobs which pay in addition to full time employment. A few years ago when I was just starting in affiliate marketing and didn’t know much to anything about what worked and what didn’t work and was consequently still struggling to support myself, I took to Craigslist and found a couple of jobs which kept me going in the short term while I got my footing.

One job had me writing descriptions for hundreds of financial products on an economic website full of affiliate offers (which I didn’t even realize until later). I was paid $1000 for just a few days of work.

Check out the “Etc.” section, part time section, or search “telecommuting” in your city or any number of big cities for gigs which you can do from your own home. Just make sure to exercise your due diligence to make sure that you’re working with a reputable person who won’t stiff you on payment. You should get a contract worked out to establish the parameters of your exchange with your contractual employer when it’s a relatively large sum of money like $1000.

There are plenty of free contract sites out there which you can grab free documentation from and can easily edit for your purposes.


Ebay is a good place to make money online quickly by listing and selling off your potential valuables to interested parties for a quick payday. You can also take a look at what is selling on Ebay then pop in to your local thrift stores and pawn shops to find those items then resell them on Ebay at a higher rate for a nice profit.

Online Marketing

Okay so I said in opening that online/affiliate marketing takes time to really take off. That doesn’t mean that you can’t make money online quickly through it, as well.

You can get a domain registered for $7.49 with my GoDaddy Dot Com Discount and hosting for $2.99 a month through my GoDaddy Dot Com Discount, then you can get a website set up in 10 minutes (see how to set up a website for free step by step). Make that site into mini site to promote the best affiliate product in your niche by searching OfferVault, ClickBank, Commission Junction, PayDotCom, LinkShare, ShareASale, etc. Then send some traffic to that site and make some money in the short term while developing that mini site into a content site in the background.

You can also get a free blog on WordPress.com but the problem with that is that it’s not yours and you’re really benefiting and developing someone else’s business rather than your own which is never a good idea.

Create Your Own Product

Creating your own product isn’t as difficult as you’d think. I’ll have a complete resource dedicated to teaching how to create your own online product and selling it to make a lot of money. Affiliate marketing is one thing, but once you develop your own product and track down your own affiliates, that’s when the real money starts to come in and that’s how the online marketers making 7 figures a year make most of their money.

At the very least you can make an information product within a niche which you have experience and knowledge in. People like digital products because it’s an immediate download and informational products have historically always sold very well online, hence the popularity of Clickbank.

Get Creative

Go to your local mom and pop stores and ask them if they have a website for their business and if not then offer to build them a website for a few hundred dollars. If the answer is no then start the haggling game. As I show in my videos on how to set up a website for free step by step again and how to use WordPress, you can set up a fully functional and attractive website in 10 minutes without needing any experience.

The point is to be creative. There are lots of services which you can offer which seem out of your reach but are simple to execute and there are lots of people who are either lazy or daunted at something like the idea of setting up a website. A creative mind plus marketing equals success in this case.

When You’re Desperate Remember

If you’re really up against the wall, make sure you contact agency like the Salvation Army, food banks, or city human service departments to ensure that you keep the lights on and food on the table.

Call your creditors and explain your situation to them if you’re really stuck and owing. I read of someone doing just that and they lowered his payments substantially as they’d rather get some money than no money.

Have a yard sale to make some extra money and get rid of anything which you don’t absolutely need. In the same vein, cut out expenses which you don’t need. Give up your premium cable package, stop buying cigarettes/alcohol and snacks/eating out, cancel any subscriptions which you don’t need, get haircuts at the barber’s college for free, get a cheaper phone plan, etc.

Look around town for short term or part time employment opportunities. The work doesn’t have to be glamorous but just enough to afford yourself some much needed breathing room while you map out a more permanent solution.

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