How to Make Money With Fiverr – How to Stand Out From the Pack

Fiverr is one of many micro job sites where the emphasis is on the “employee” or “seller” rather than the “client”. This means that sellers promote one off services and jobs which they are willing to do in exchange for (in Fiverr’s case) $5.

How to Make Money With Fiverr

Webmasters and other clients regularly browse these quick freelance job boards looking for good deals and alert the seller when they want to buy that seller’s service. Typically the turn around time is very quick so you can produce that content for the client and earn yourself a few bucks within a few hours.How to Make Money With Fiverr

One of the appeals of Fiverr and similar sites is just how vast the array of services is. You can pay $5 to have someone put up flyers for your cause in their city, train you to be a better chess player, get someone to create Facebook Likes or other forms of social proof for you, or even sing “Happy Birthday” to a chicken. You name it, it’s on there.

One of the best ways to make money with Fiverr specifically is through writing gigs. Webmasters are always looking for content for their sites and connecting with talented writers on Fiverr is a great way for them to get 100% unique content in most any niche extremely quickly and on budget.

Fiverr has really picked up in just the past few months as more clients and sellers have found out about it and begun using it on a regular basis. This means that there is a lot more competition to stand out. Here are some Fiverr tips to help you make money on Fiverr:

Be Unique – Offering something unique which not many or any people are doing is a quick way to stand out because you become “that guy”. Think of what your talents are and from there it’s very easy to think of how you can convert them into $5. Take a look at their site to see the array of jobs which people are selling to get a better idea of really how open ended this site is.

Great Copy – A great headline draws people in as they are browsing. You don’t have to make it super short; a long headline is fine as long as it perfectly conveys the job you are willing to do. In your description area make sure you use good copy, as well, which includes basics like perfect grammar and spelling. This is obviously essential when you’re promoting writing services.

Great Picture – People notice your picture just as often as they notice your headline, make it eye grabbing so that they’ll have to look at you and then check out your service.

Use Keywords – Keywords; you just can’t escape em’. Most people who know the kinds of jobs they are looking for actively use the search bar, so make sure you use the keywords in your headline and description which you anticipate that those who are searching for your job will use.

Have Proof – You can really drive home a sale or a number of sales if you have some kind of proof to prove to whoever is considering hiring you that you can fulfill the job and fulfill it beyond their expectations at that. In preparation for this post, I put together a screen capture video showing myself logging into my Ezine Articles account where I have over 2,000 live article. I show the viewer my article stats, click through rate, etc. so they can see that I’m legitimate.

Just the very fact that I have this video got me a lot more attention and I got dozens of jobs very quickly as a result. You can also go so far as to offer a free sample of whatever it is that your service is if applicable.

Use a Template – Using a template for a writing gig can save you a lot of time. While you are getting paid, it is just $5, so it’s a quantity over quality situation. If you can use a template to shave off a great deal of time you can start to churn out lots of articles of still reasonable quality.

Post on Multiple Sites – Remember that there are plenty of other micro job sites besides Fiverr such as TenBux, GigHour, Gigbucks, and FittyTown to name a few. Each of these comes with different payment levels so spread yourself out to create maximum exposure for your brand.

Once you develop a loyal client-base on Fiverr, for example, you can graduate to a site in which you are getting paid more to do the same job and bring your clients with you. Some site like Gigbucks let you set different prices, so figure out how much your time is worth and go with that. Alternatively, you can just inform your small base of loyal Fiverr clients that you’re leaving Fiverr but would still be interested in writing for them but in exchange for more money off the site, so Fiverr works as a spring board of networking for you.

Bottom Line

Fiverr is a bit more for fun in most cases than making serious money. If you have a service which you can really leverage and perform with minimal effort over and over again then it can be worth it.

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