How to Monetize a Website

In this article, we’ll talk about how to make some money back on all of the work you’ve put into designing and creating content for a website based on your passion. Let’s talk about how to monetize a website. (Also check out one of my latest articles on 12 ways of how to monetize my blog.)How to Monetize a Website

How to Monetize a Website

Adsense has been Google’s on site advertising system for over a decade now. You’ve probably seen adsense ads on a website which you’ve browsed in the past. These are the little clusters of 4 or 5 line ads which appear on websites whose webmasters allow for it. Whenever a website’s visitor clicks on an adsense ad to exit that web page and check out the ad, the webmaster gets a commission for allowing that ad on their site and generating that ad’s traffic.

Adsense actually was once a lucrative way of how to monetize a website before the market got abused and saturated. Whereas you could expect a lot of clicks worth over a dollar a piece when things first got started, now most times each click is worth just a couple of cents and less people click on them.

I don’t like or use Adsense on this or any of my sites as you’ll notice. For one thing, as I said it’s not worth it anymore. The amount of money which you get for the clicks is negligible, most people don’t click on these ads anymore as the quality has diminished, and it gives people a cheap exit from your website.

But more than anything else I think Adsense ads look cheap and tarnishes the look of a website. Not only does it look cluttering, but no reputable site supports them anymore.

There are far better ways of how to monetize a website when it comes to on site advertising. A much more lucrative and attractive alternative is using banner ads on your site. You should create an advertising section for your website on your website somewhere which is easy to find and on this page you should have your site’s terms and rates when it comes to advertising.

Infolinks is an advertising network which generates money for you without your having to put up unattractive ads all over your site. Instead the ads are placed within the text of your site itself like in your posts and pages. Infolinks’ ads generate a healthy click through rate and they offer the best revenue share of all of the text based advertising networks at 70%. I use Infolinks on a number of my sites because I find that it’s not intrusive like Adsense ads and it makes me a lot more money.

When it comes to conventional ad space for my sites, I use a plugin on many of my sites called OIO Publisher which automates the entire process of advertising for me.

Advertisers who want to promote on my site can take advantage of and purchase one of the advertisement locations on my site. OIO handles everything from telling the advertiser my advertising rates, publishes their ad and pays me, and takes it down once their term has expired. You never have to deal with the advertiser at all. In fact, the only thing which you DO have to do is approve of their ad before it goes live.

You can get $10 off of OIO Publisher by using the code and link I put on this page.

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