How to Write Articles Fast

To be a successful and popular webmaster, you need to be capable of producing large amounts of content regularly. Whether the content is for your own site or you’re writing content off site for an article directory for example which can be a great source of free traffic as well as a valuable one way link, consistent content is essential. Not everyone is a great or quick writer and consequently capable of producing content at the rate which they need to be able to. I have a degree in English and I’m still not always up for writing, so here are some tips for how to write articles fast.

How to Write Articles Fast

One tip which I recommend right off of the bat is to have a few formats or templates which you can always refer to to structure your articles. It’s a lot easier to write articles fast when you know the outline of what it is you are about to write.How to Write Articles Fast

Think about using a “number of” article template for example. You can make that number of tips, reasons, ways to, etc. The point is that when you have that expectation that you need a finite number of something as it relates to your topic, it’s much easier to fill in the blanks.

The absolute best way I’ve found of how to write articles fast is not to write them but rather to dictate them. I started using voice recognition software a couple of years ago and haven’t looked back. I’ll dictate articles at my desk or even driving around town in my car. I’ve gotten 400 word articles which used to take me 10 minutes to write down to roughly 4 minutes if I know what I want to say ahead of time.

Somehow, something in the brain finds it much easier and quicker to translate ideas to the mouth via speech as opposed to the hand via typing or writing.

The best software recognizes your speaking patterns and grows accustomed to your own unique voice and patterns to reach 99% accuracy, so you don’t have to go back editing what you’ve dictated. Check out my Dragon Voice recognition review.

If writing really isn’t your thing or perhaps English isn’t even your first or second language, think about outsourcing it. There are a lot of content writers out there willing to work for cheap whether that’s here in the United States or elsewhere abroad. I don’t outsource anything myself as I’m a control freak, but I know a lot of marketers who do it and are quite content with their results.

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