How to Make Money Email Marketing With an Autoresponder

Email marketing is a very lucrative aspect of online marketing. Many people call it THE most important aspect of your website and marketing. I agree with this and believe that establishing an email list and putting it on your website should be step number one every time you setup a new website. In this article we’ll cover how to make money email marketing using an autoresponder.

How to Make Money Email Marketing

Without an email list, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table because at the very least with an email list in place you have A CHANCE of remaining in contact with a one time visitor who would otherwise never come back to your site. After you get signed up with Aweber (here’s why it’s the best email marketing software), the first thing which you should go about doing is setting up an autoresponder.How to Make Money Email Marketing

Your autoresponder is a completely optional aspect of your email list, but it’s extremely important that you include it in my opinion. The idea is that you define your new subscriber’s problem at the beginning of the autoresponder series. Technically you define the problem on your email sign up box and offer your email list as the solution, giving your site’s visitors incentive to sign up for your list.

The idea of the autoresponder is that new subscribers go through a series of emails which are meant to address and help your subscriber with a problem and with each or most of the autoresponder emails, there are offers blended in with your good content designed to help that subscriber with their problem.

You can include incentives in your autoresponder, as well. Take my autoresponder which I call the “10 Day Fast Track Training Course”, as an example, which is designed to teach ANYONE how to make money online in 10 days. Day number 1 talks about how to easily set up a website and one aspect of that is that you need a domain and hosting before you can move forward with your website.

I offer affiliate links to purchase your domain and hosting through GoDaddy but with significant discounts on each of them, so there is incentive in my offer because I’m offering the same things which you already need but for much cheaper.

With your autoresponder you’re not hard selling, you’re recommending, and there’s a world of difference there, especially for new subscribers who aren’t familiar or fully comfortable with you quite yet. You’re ultimately going to provide them with the solution to their problem, but you’re taking a journey with them while doing it.

Sure, you can make money through an email blast to your thousands of subscribers telling them about a new and helpful product which you came across, but that’s pretty blunt compared to the finesse of the autoresponder. Plus offering an autoresponder gives your new subscriber a chance to ease into your mailing list. You’ve provided a ton of great and helpful content lined with a few product offers here and there, and that early content has helped you gain the trust of your subscriber.

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