How to Make Money From Your Blog

This entire website is basically about how to make money from your blog whether that’s through finding ways to increase website traffic, writing better copy, or anything else I talk about. Today I’m going to get specific and talk about specific methods of how to make money from your blog.

How to Make Money From Your BlogHow to Make Money From Your Blog

Advertisers – Advertising is a great way to make money from your blog because you’re not promoting anything except your content/blog. You build up a readership over time by creating great content and promoting your blog, then people come to you. You can use a plugin like OIO Publisher which handles dealing with the advertisers. They visit your site, click on advertising, OIO takes over with telling them what’s available in terms of ad space, gives them the rates, handles payment/pays you, and even manages the ads on your site, putting them up then taking them down when the advertiser’s contract is up. All you have to do is approve the ad/banner before it goes live.

Of course OIO won’t go out and find advertisers for you, that’s up to you (assuming they don’t approach you first). Here’s some blog advertising tips to help you out with finding advertisers and how to approach and deal with them.

Affiliate Marketing – This is how I make most of my income. Find great affiliate offers related to your niche by doing a Google search with your keyword plus “affiliate” or use a free service like Offervault. Here’s a post on what makes for the best affiliate product when you’re trying to choose. Once you’ve found your product then do a review of it, recommend it to your email list, put it in your autoresponder, etc.

AdsenseAdsense is Google’s content network advertising system. You’ve undoubtedly seen an Adsense ad on a web page you’ve browsed before. You can put Adsense on your website so that ads related to your niche will appear on your site and when someone clicks on one of them, you get paid. It’s not as much as it used to be now that the market is largely flooded as a whole. I’m not huge into Adsense, myself, as I find it to be cluttered and a bit ugly.

In Text Links – Like Adsense, in text links are ads from other publishers which will appear on your site but rather than taking up space around your site, these ads are tucked away in your text. The two best services are Infolinks and Text Link Ads. If prefer Infolinks lately but they both offer much better commissions and conversions than Adsense and they’re much more attractive and less intrusive.

It’s also worth mentioning that more recently I put together a list of 12 ways of how to monetize my blog which you can apply to your blog to make more money, as well.

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