5 Ways WordPress Helps You Rank Better

It’s day four of “Rankings Week”, and today I’m going to talk about how WordPress helps you rank better. If you’ve signed up for my 10 Day Fast Track Training Course, you know that I advise all webmasters to use WordPress as an easy way to quickly put together attractive and powerful websites. Here are 5 reasons for why WordPress helps web pages to rank better.

WordPress Helps You RankWordPress Helps You Rank

Organization – WordPress is one of the best ways to get a clean website. When I say clean, I mean no problems in your code, and your content is organized very intuitively and search engine friendly, though this can vary from one theme to another if you’re using a poorly designed theme. Each one of your posts and pages is organized clearly in your dashboard so that you know for sure that you don’t have any canonical/identical content mistakes like you can have when dealing with FTPs and uploading your content manually.

Plugins – Free plugins like All-In-One SEO and the like make it extremely easy to add your on page SEO attributes with every new post or page you make. You simply plug in your keywords of choice, title, meta description, etc. On a side note you also get to choose your permalink structure of choice to ensure that every new post you make has a SEO title. Here’s a post and video on the best permalink structure for more info on this.

Trackbacks – Trackbacks are how people on blogs link to one another’s content easily. These trackbacks appear typically above or around the comments section of your site. Links help you build link juice, it’s pretty straightforward. For more information here’s a post on what are trackbacks.

Tags – WordPress also makes it simple to add tags of all sorts to your posts, images, etc. Every time you add a new image, for example, you are prompted to input your alt text/title attributes to it which is key for getting your image to rank and appear in the SERPs for your keyword of choice.

Content – Arguably the biggest reason why WordPress helps you rank better is the fact that it’s so easy to add new content to your website. Search engines love nothing more than frequently added quality content as this is evidence of a relevant and current source. The quality aspect is up to you, but WordPress makes adding frequent content as easy as logging into your dashboard then typing out or pasting your new post in full and clicking publish and it’s live on your site, visible to all of your readers immediately.

Consistency is key with search engines, so get yourself into a rhythm which you can maintain when it comes to adding new content. Even if you’re going to be away from your blog for a few days WordPress has you covered with the scheduling feature so you can create a queue of posts to auto-publish without fail.

Sometimes webmasters over-think and sweat SEO to make it more difficult than it needs to be when really the best tactic to adopt is to create quality content for your site frequently which webmasters will want to link to, and WordPress is the ideal avenue for doing just that.

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