How to Increase Alexa Rank

A few weeks ago I covered 5 affiliate marketing tools which no affiliate marketer or marketer online in general should be without. One of the free tools was the SEO Quake toolbar which I like to use for getting immediate analytical information when it comes to the pages I’m surfing and one of the most interesting stats it will give you is a domain’s Alexa rank. There are other ways to find this stat, but the Alexa rank is generally considered to be one of the most reputable metrics of a site’s quality.How to Increase Alexa Rank

How to Increase Alexa Rank

You can learn all kinds of information about any website you’re browsing for free without needing access to their Google Analytics (see how to add Google Analytics to your website for more information) to see it using Alexa.

Likely the most important information/stat is a site’s Alexa rank itself which is seen as a testament to that site’s worth/reputation. In case you needed more proof of this, Google itself and Facebook occupy the numbers 1 and 2 positions on Alexa, respectively.

But how is this number calculated and how can you increase your Alexa rank?

How to Increase Alexa Rank

This number is the product of two significant statistics when it comes to your site: traffic and page views. Traffic is how many unique visitors your site receives per day and page views refers to how many pages on average a person views on your site.

Alexa looks at both of these stats over the past 3 month period of your site. So not only do you need consistent high levels of traffic, but you need people to spend a lot of time exploring your site, getting your bounce rate (the percent of visitors to your site whom leave your site on the same page them came in on without visiting any other pages) as low as possible.

As such, for more information on how to increase Alexa rank, check out these posts on 70 ways to increase website traffic, how to lower bounce rate, and how to keep people on your site.

Getting your Alexa rank as close to #1 as possible should be a major priority of yours as a webmaster because it happens by virtue of doing things which you should already be doing in optimizing your site.

Additionally this rank is (potentially) a mark of achievement and authority for your site; and it can (potentially) be a great way to attract advertisers and get them to pay to have their advertisements shown on your site (see blog advertising tips for more information).

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