3 Ways to Better Leverage Your Organic Traffic

I talk A LOT about how to improve your organic search listings on this website as well as on MarylandSEOServices.net. But ranking well is only half the battle. leverage organic traffic

Once you are enjoying high rankings for decently high volume search terms, the important question is what are you doing with that traffic? Here are three ways to better leverage your organic traffic.

3 Ways to Better Leverage Your Organic Traffic

1 – Ensure Your Content is Relevant to the Search Term

First and foremost, let’s make sure that our content on that page is highly relevant to the search term we are ranking well for. This doesn’t just mean that the content mentions the keyword and variations of the keyword off and on, but it means creating actually useful and valuable content for those visitors.

Consider the literal question (in the case of the search term “how do I stop snoring?”) or implied question (in the case of the search term “snoring solutions” or even “snoring health risks”) the searcher has.

Then wow anyone who visits your website via that keyword by answering whatever literal or implied question they might have regarding that topic and always over-deliver.

It’s the same track is if you were marketing a product. Get in the mind of your customer and become your customer in every variation in which they appear in order to access their motivations behind their search.

If you don’t take advantage of that and instead serve up wishy washy content to go with that term, then that traffic will undoubtedly be wasted and you’ve lost a chance at a repeat visitor, not to mention a lifelong reader. Plus your ranking and along with it your traffic could suffer.

2 – Use User Metrics to Your Advantage and Keep That Ranking (Or Better)

To build off of that last point, let’s talk user metrics.

Generally in this day and age of the internet, you wouldn’t be able to rank well for a term if your content didn’t match it well.

This is because your user metrics are reflecting that, when someone visits your page via that search term in Google, that they show positive signs of spending lots of time or visiting other pages on your site. This says to Google that the content on that page is worthy of ranking well because the visitor showed that through their behavior after landing on your page.

However, some pages still rank well even if they’re not completely optimized for their corresponding search terms, meaning they could always be improved upon.user metrics

In addition to ensuring that you’ve got good content which is over-delivering on the expectations of the person who clicked through, you can do a few things to tip the user metrics scales in your favor.

Add some highly relevant internal links on that page to keep that traffic on your site. There is no better sign to Google that your page and greater site are serving up good content than when someone virtually tells it that they visited more than one page.

The key is that if you’re already ranking for a search term, if you’re not number one then you could always be doing better and making sure that your content better matches the search term.

And if you’re already ranking well, providing a better experience than the pages appearing above you in the SERPs will help you eclipse them as that evidence manifests in the user metrics for yours versus their pages.

Even if you are holding the coveted top slot, you should still always be improving your user experience to ensure that you maintain that top spot.

3 – Create an Offer Around That Search Term

And perhaps most importantly in leveraging your organic search traffic, once you’ve put in the work to earn and satisfy that traffic then you should give them the chance to pay YOU back.

Take this website, for instance. I rank well for a handful of search terms related to copywriting, but my universal signup is related to a more general success in all things online marketing which matches the broader theme of this site.

Yet the highly targeted, or better said, specific traffic coming to my copywriting pages likely aren’t interested in all things online marketing – they are there for copywriting tips. This is why I make sure I include links to my copywriting eBook, “Creating Converting Copy” on those relevant pages.create an offer

With some basic sales and traffic tracking, I can trace backwards to see that the vast majority of the sales of that eBook originated from those well ranking copywriting pages on my website.

All of this to say, you’re likely going to have well ranking pages and articles on your website which are more niche in nature than the greater arc of your website. When this is the case, make sure you find some way to capitalize on that specific traffic which could be otherwise squandered if you don’t have something to offer to them.

You can create a specific autoresponder segment for your email list which is laser targeted to the traffic those niche pages of your site are receiving where you offer greater information on the subject for free or can offer a relevant product like I do.

Just make sure you’re not leaving that traffic on the table without cashing in somehow after you’ve done all of the legwork. If you’ve done said legwork, then your traffic will confirm this by generating conversions on your offers.

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