Why Your Sales Page ISN’T Converting

It’s difficult to narrow down why exactly your sales page doesn’t convert as well as it should or you think that it should. Even with realistic expectations, a lot of product owners still aren’t realizing the conversions that they should be.

It’s especially difficult because a sales page generally isn’t just about copy, there are so many other factors to take into account like page design, images, and sometimes videos as well.

Still, there are a number of places to start or at least turn your attention to:

Price – Is the price too high? Conversely, is the price too low? An overpriced item will turn people off but an underpriced item will make them think there is a catch or question the quality of the product. Try working with different prices to see which converts the best and refer to my product pricing guide.

Clarity – Is your pitch too wordy or too confusing? Limit your copy to as few words as you need and make sure that you know how to pitch your product as clearly as possible. Also try to make and deliver your message in a unique way. When people read your message and it comes across like every other sales pitch they’re bombarded with then they’re likely to tune you out as they’ve built up a tolerance to it.

Lack of Proof – Are you failing to convince your readers that your product is the solution to their problem? If that’s the case then you may need to add some credibility to your pitch or bolster your existing credibility in the form of either testimonials or a more prominent display of your money back guarantee policy so assuage the fear or doubts of your potential customer.

A Lack of Urgency – Does your message lack urgency required to get someone to pull the trigger? An effective call to action is the best way to get anyone off the fence and on to your side.

Traffic – You might be upset when you send a flood of traffic to your sales page and see it converting very low, but is the traffic you’re sending to your page even targeted to your offer? This can be the sole reason to account for why you’re conversion rate is so low. Work on bringing in more targeted traffic through social networks, organic ranking in the search engines for the keywords you’re targeting, and through PPC, as well. Make sure that the keywords you’re using as targeted and are rich in commerciality.

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