Twiends Review

Twiends is a neat and free service which is designed for getting more followers on Twitter with less hassle. It works with a currency system called “seeds” which you spend in exchange for followers.

Unlike the conventional method of following people just in the hopes that they will follow you back, the followers which you get through Twiends are generally of higher quality and you don’t have to follow someone in the first place to get them to follow you.

The followers which you get are also targeted and relevant to you because Twiends looks at your profile and puts you right in front of other Twitter users who are interested in what you are tweeting about.

Each time someone new follows you, you spend 2 seeds. Just for signing up you get 50 seeds right off the bat, so that’s 25 new followers right away. You burn through seeds pretty quickly given how many people have a Twiends account, so it’s almost like getting instant followers.

So because this service is based on gaining and spending seeds, how do you get more seeds?

The primary way to get more seeds and the point of the service is to follow other people. You can easily find people in your niche by adding some tags to your search and every time you follow another Twiends user you get some seeds. Different people are worth different quantities of seeds which helps with the relevant follower idea. This cornerstone method of the service encourages people to follow other people based on relevant searches, but with the obvious incentive of seeds.

You can also sign up for the Twiends email newsletter to get 40 more seeds immediately, then additional seeds are sent to you via email on and off so you should definitely sign up for that. For example, a week or so ago I received an email from Twiends asking me to write up a quick review about their service in exchange for a few hundred free seeds which I gladly did and got over 100 new followers in a few minutes.

While this is primarily a free service, you can also choose to purchase seeds at different quantities. The highest quantity is 20,000 seeds which can be purchased for $280 at the moment, plus you get additional bonuses like 20 days VIP access and 1 day as a featured user.

20,000 seeds translates into 10,000 followers; so if you’re willing to pay for it, you can amass a sizable Twitter army overnight. If you have monetized your site or even tweets, you can make that money back many times over while stacking your following.

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