How to Write a Sales Letter

The sales letter is well known amongst internet marketers. In internet marketing terms, this is a landing page which product owners use to generate excitement and trust for their product within their page’s visitors/potential customers, thus generating sales. This post will explain how to write a sales letter using my own sales ladder process.

How to Write a Sales Letter

The “sales ladder” is a term which I came up with to describe the process of starting at the top of the sales letter which is the bottom of the sales ladder. The further your reader gets down your sales letter, the higher they should be climbing on the sales ladder.How to Write a Sales Letter

Your sales ladder should be so good that once your reader gets to the bottom of the sales letter/the top of the sales ladder, they should have nowhere to go but get off the ladder at the top, thus purchasing your offer.

Each “rung” of the ladder is another aspect which pushes your customer on one step further and closer to purchasing from you. Here is a format of “rungs” which I use to teach how to write a sales letter because it gets results:

Open by addressing your reader’s problem. Let’s say we have a registry cleaner product we’re trying to sell. Our reader’s problem is likely going to be that their computer is laggy and sluggish. Asking if they’re tired of sub par performance from their machine in a big attention grabbing font would be effective here.

Next you offer the solution: your program. This program is simple and fast and most importantly completely returns your computer to its original speedy state.

Next you need to explain how the program works. Your reader should have no confusion about what they’re going to get with your product. They need to know that this is the best and possibly the only solution to their problem, and it will work for them.

Then you can use some testimonials from people who have used your product and realized great results which exceeded their expectations. Be careful of how you use testimonials and be sure that every testimonial you give is legitimate from real people as the FCC has cracked down on this in recent months.

Finally, you need to send your reader over the top with a huge call to action at the end. You’ve got them on the line, it’s time to reel them in. I have a list of 60 call to action examples which you can refer to. Something important to always mention if you offer it is a complete money back guarantee coupled with “no risk” and “buy now” with your price.

If you have any incentives to encourage the sale, you can use the PS format directly following the purchase button to sweeten the deal and push them over the edge.

Creating an effective sales letter can take a long time. I personally use a theme called Optimize Press which makes creating attractive and professional sales letters as well as squeeze pages, launch pages, sales pages, etc. push button simple. You can check out my walk through Optimize Press review video to see how simple it makes creating custom pages within minutes.

When in doubt you should also check out other sales letters which are performing well. You can go to Clickbank and check out the products with the highest gravity. This means that they have the most affiliates currently making money from them. Take a look at the sales letters which these high gravity products are using to achieve these lofty sales figures.

Many times you’ll get one of those marketing gurus who are the voice behind many successful products because they know what converts well in terms of a sale page’s design so they can duplicate that over and over while tailoring it to each new niche.

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