How to Pick the Best Affiliate Product to Promote

A lot of your success in internet marketing is dependent on which products you are promoting. Being able to spot the best affiliate product in your niche to promote is a bit of a talent, so use these 3 tips on how to pick the best affiliate product to suit you.

How to Pick the Best Affiliate Product

Before you do anything else, the most important tip on how to pick the best affiliate product to promote is to make sure that the product which you are promoting is relevant to your niche. If you’re not sure if it’s relevant enough, put yourself in the place of your website’s readers. Look at the intended purpose of the product and decide whether or not your audience would find help or relief for their problem with that product.How to Pick the Best Affiliate Product

Secondly, you have to look at the product’s specs. Look at its sales page. Some of the best products I’ve come across have had absolutely horrible sales pages. If the sales page comes on too strong, doesn’t give an accurate or adequate description of what the product is or does, or plain and simple has a cheap looking design, no one will ever find out just how good that product is and you’re better off spending your time elsewhere.

There was one instance where I had a chance to try a product THEN check out its sales page. The sales page was short and amateurish but the product itself was the best affiliate product I had come across in that niche, so I actually went to the trouble to recommend that the product owner hire someone to make a better looking sales letter which he ultimately decided to do and I have yet to receive a single refund for that product after the page was revamped and it began to sell as the product was that good.

Also among the product’s specs to investigate is the cost. Different niches have different pricing tiers in terms of what the product owner can get away with. There are certain exact prices for each niche which actually help to motivate sales. In one of the lowest pricing tiers, a cost of $29.95 tends to perform very well.

This is a great price for an informational product, for example. For many people, $29.95 is a sort of purchase cut off which is A LOT easier to justify for most folks than even $30. Something in the consumer brain says that that price is manageable, so if a product you’re looking to promote is priced there then you know that’s a good sign.

Use your common sense with the price, as well, and again put yourself in the shoes of your audience. Would you spend that money?

Finally and in the same vein, ask yourself would you buy the product yourself? If the product is capable of getting you excited, then you know you likely have a winner. You’ll probably want to purchase it yourself so that you can more effectively promote it/review it/write about it for your readers.

Don’t hesitate asking the product owner if you could get a review copy of the product to test for yourself. If your website looks nice and professional then link to it so that they can see that you’re legitimate. You’d be surprised at how many product owners are interested in making things as simple on you the affiliate as possible.

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