Does Article Spinning Work?

I made a post awhile back about how to write articles fast but neglected to include article spinning; so I thought I’d give you the full skinny on spinning now covering does article spinning work?

Does Article Spinning Work

Article spinning refers to using a program to rewrite existing content so that it appears to be new. The program does this either by replacing words with synonyms or by providing multiple options for each sentence from which it randomly chooses one. Article spinning is certainly inviting in theory; the idea of being able to write an article and spin it dozens if not hundreds of times over and have seemingly unique content to put on your site or distribute to article directories is very appealing. But does article spinning work?Does Article Spinning Work

Yes and no; it really depends on what you want to accomplish with article spinning and where you are planning on submitting your content.

I don’t recommend using spun content on some article directories like Ezine Articles, for example. Their spun content detectors are second to none so they can easily detect when you’re submitting spun content. I know because I’ve tried using spun content in the past and they picked up on it in a second. I’m fortunate that I wasn’t suspended as I’ve heard stories of some of the most serious punishments involving permanent bans from the directory.

If you’re looking to submit your content to different directories, that’s something else. If you don’t want to submit the exact same copy to different directories, you can run it through a spinner to change it slightly and that way you’ll have somewhat unique content to send to multiple directories as opposed to the same article over and over which Google won’t like or give you credit for after a point.

Whatever you’re doing, remember to always post the content on your own site before submitting it to article directories so that your site is credited with the original content.

Some spinners go beyond spinning and also automatically submit your content to different sites and directories for you, thereby saving you a lot of time while building links and bringing in traffic for you.

Now I’ll mention a couple of notable spinners to check out, one free and one premium option.

Easy Article Spinner

This is a no frills freebie I used when I was starting out. It works as I mentioned in opening by randomly choosing from variations of the same sentence or few lines. The catch is that the work is mostly on your shoulders because you have to write the variations yourself, but if you take some time to write a number of variations, the spinner has a lot of content to randomize so you are left with lots of unique articles.

You can even choose how unique you want the articles it outputs to be, so choosing the 100% options means that there will be no overlaps between however many articles it’s able to output; though through choosing a higher unique percentage preference, you will get less articles unless you’ve written a lot of options for it to work with.

Magic Article Rewriter and Submitter

This is the premium option at $55 which makes creating unique content a snap but it goes one step further and automates the submission of that content for you. The program makes it simple to pick and choose which sections or words in your article you want to replace with a huge list of applicable synonyms which it will randomly choose from, so it creates lots of unique spun content for you in seconds which is decidedly dissimilar from the original copy.

For the submission automation, you can sign up to 700 article directories through its interface in 20 seconds. From there you simply put in your title, synopsis/intro, body, keywords, and resource box with your links into Magic Article Rewriter just like you would if you were manually submitting to each of these directories, click send, and the program will automatically hit all of these directories for you.

Check out the video below or visit the official website to learn more.

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