Problems With YouTube Links in WordPress

Just a short troubleshooting post today, but something I’ve noticed for some time now is that when attempting to embed YouTube links in WordPress lately, they keep disappearing on me. I instead found a work around where if I pasted the embed code into the HTML section of my WordPress post/page then published that page or post immediately, the link would remain intact. If you’ve had problems with YouTube links in WordPress check out this solution.

Problems With YouTube Links in WordPressProblems With YouTube Links in WordPress

It would disappear later if I attempted to do anything else with that post, and eventually after making a new post or page with multiple YouTube links, it became horribly frustrating losing several links at once, and the work around wasn’t cutting it anymore.

As such, I looked into it and found the reason is because YouTube updated their embed code format to now use Iframes, something which WordPress does NOT support, hence the links disappearing as soon as you put them in.

Fortunately you can still find the option of using the old code in YouTube when in the embed section, so until WordPress addresses this or YouTube changes their format, this is what you have to do. Here’s the explanation in video/narration if you’ve had problems with YouTube links in WordPress:

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