10 Sales Page Copywriting Tips

The subtlest of details and differences in your copywriting can result in the largest conversion difference, even if your potential customer doesn’t consciously pick up on it themselves. Here are 10 sales page copywriting tips to increase the likelihood of a conversion of your goals.Sales Page Copywriting

Sales Page Copywriting Tips

1 – Vary between shorter and longer sentence length to give your writing a distinct rhythm to it but avoid run on and overly lengthy sentences.

2 – Keep your paragraphs short. It’s much better to have a dozen or so 3 sentence paragraphs than 4 or 5 9 sentence paragraphs.

3 – Use your own voice and make it conversational. Address your reader and interact with them through your writing as if you were having a conversation with them in a restaurant.

4 – Use images and video to break up the monotony of text and better engage your reader.

5 – Make note of your audience and write with them in mind using language which they’ll be comfortable with. Identifying your audience also makes it easier to put yourself in their shoes.

6 – Weave in your personal history to build a rapport with your reader. Explain how you were once in their same position to make it easy for them to empathize with you early on.

7 – Open with a question which your reader will say “Yes” to. This precondition makes them much more likely to agree with you later when you hit them with your offer.

8 – Use powerful words to energize your writing and get your audience on the same level as you, words such as “blazing”, “breakthrough”, “dominating”, “revealed” will get your reader’s attention more easily and get them psyched up for what’s coming next.

9 – Use bullets, subheadings, and numberings to break up your text more so.

10 – Don’t use even ONE extra word than you need to. Your words should all be deliberate and help to build your sale. Extraneous words derail your argument and no one likes to read more or spend more time on something than they need to.

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