What Are SAPE Networks?

A common question I’ve been seeing as of late relates to “SAPE” networks and what they are. This question in and of itself is a misnomer; SAPE is not a network. This is actually a link building service based out of Russia where you can purchase or sell links, articles; basically many things online marketing can be purchased there. Let’s talk about what are SAPE networks.What Are SAPE Networks

What Are SAPE Networks

This differs from a blog network, something I’ve talked about at length, in that it’s not a network in the conventional sense.

This is far more black hat because rather than simply paying for links to be placed on sites which the service themselves own or are affiliated with, SAPE uses a hacking technique to break into sites and artificially place links without the webmaster’s knowledge or consent.

Outside of simply buying and selling links with other webmasters, the reason part of this service is so effective is because it allows you to achieve links which would otherwise be impossible to get. The “employees” of the service hack into incredibly relevant sites within your niche and place the links which you want.

Of course the issue lies with getting them to stick and you’re putting yourself at extreme risk for even participating in this practice. This goes against everything which Google and anyone moral on the internet stands for between paying for links and having someone hack for you to make those links exist.

So while it’s still a generally new concept you can expect Google’s answer and backlash to this to be fierce which is why, as always, it’s best to be as transparent and white hat or as visibly white hat as possible. Try these 6 white hat tactics to grow your website’s influence the evergreen, stress free way.

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