The Difference Between Solo Mailings and Ad Swaps

Solo mailings and ad swaps are two different ways to really boost your traffic or realize any other goal of yours when it comes to online marketing, but oftentimes people mistake one for the other or assume that they are the same. This post will identify the difference between solo mailings and ad swaps.

Solo Mailings Vs Ad Swapssolo mailings ad swaps

A solo mailing is basically approaching another email list owner and paying them to blast out an email of your own to their entire list or a segment of their list. Why do this? Because in doing so you’re putting your content right in front of the eyes of an entirely new audience. Ideally you’re approaching a list owner who is in the same or a very similar niche to yours.

If not then you’re likely wasting your time and money but more realistically the list owner won’t approve your email as they don’t want to blast their subscriber list with offers and content which they’re not interested in. How much you pay for a solo mailing can vary depending on the size of the list owner’s list, the list owner themselves, and possibly the content of your message, as well. The point is to strike a nice deal which will be mutually beneficial for the both of you.

Ad swaps on the other hand occur when two email list owners send an email of their own to the other person’s list. No money is necessarily exchanged through this method assuming both list owners have comparable lists in terms of size. The benefit here is that it’s (likely) free and that again both you and the other list owner are getting their message and content in front of the eyes of a brand new audience.

Regardless if you’re interested in doing a solo mailing or an ad swap, the best way to find list owners is to approach webmasters whom you respect within your niche and broach the subject. Through either of these methods you can promote your website itself, social networks, affiliate products, or even your own email list.

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