Joint Ventures Advantages – Why You Should Look Into Doing a Joint Venture

A joint venture in affiliate and online marketing terms refers to two or more specialists coming together and pooling their resources to create a better product or to better market and sell a product.

When you’re looking for partners to enter a joint venture with, you should first reach out to other webmasters in your niche. Take a look at other websites in your niche and contact their webmasters, letting them know what kind of joint venture you want to pursue whether that’s getting them to help you design your product or just swapping lists.

A generally well trusted place to find joint venture partners is the Warrior Joint Venture forum. You simply make a post detailing the kind of joint venture you’re interested in pursuing while mentioning your niche, your role, and the role which you are looking a partner to fill. Then you just check back for responses.

Exercise your due diligence and do what you can to check up on anyone who replies positively to your post. Get them on the phone to work out the details versus over email. Make sure you have immediate access to them whenever you need them. Check out their profile on the forum, as well. Ideally it’s been filled out with links to their websites, they’ve been on that forum for awhile now, and they’ve accrued a sizable number of posts so that you know it’s not someone who just signed up to reply to your ad.

Joint Ventures Advantages

Let’s go over the major advantages of pursuing and reasons to pursue a joint venture:

  • You can find someone to create your product for you from scratch, meaning you would just have to handle the marketing. If you’ve got an idea and access to someone who can execute on it, you can handle the marketing once it’s complete.
  • Conversely, you can find an expert marketer to market your product for you if you’re strictly sticking to the product creation and don’t have a great deal of experience in marketing.
  • If you have a great idea which you can execute on but you just need some start up capital, you can get partners on a purely investment level.
  • You can find someone who is well versed in creating very attractive landing/sales pages specifically. I know of a couple of merchants who are extremely skilled at creating professional looking sales pages which helps to give a product a lot more credibility which really helps with conversions.
  • You can team up with another webmaster in your niche who has a sizable email list of their own, pooling your list with theirs if you have one to make one massive mailing to potentially thousands of targeted subscribers (see solo mailings and ad swaps for more information).
  • You can get access to another marketer’s affiliate base. Very helpful if you’re just starting out and are in need of skillful affiliates to promote your product who can all be trusted and who have proven their value in promoting that other marketer’s products in the past.
  • It gives you a second pair of eyes for quality assurance from someone who is also tied to the project, making the overall product stronger as two heads are better than one.
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