How to Rank on Fiverr

Fiverr can be a great place to make a quick buck (or four, after Fiverr takes its cut). The problem is that if you target a niche which is relatively competitive, you may be struggling to see your gig getting any views and subsequently orders. Consider these tips on how to rank on Fiverr.

How to Rank on Fiverr

Have a Video – A gig with a video will rank a lot higher than the same gig without one. Fiverr knows that a video is a great way to convey succinctly what it is you plan on delivering by way of your gig, so obviously all things being equal otherwise the video will rank higher. You don’t have to get fancy; even just a video of you explaining what you will deliver via your gig is enough. Be brief and to the point, because there is a limit of a minute and a half in terms of video length to rank on fiverr

Target Low Competition Keywords – Look and see what kinds of gigs are in your niche. While you can’t necessarily choose a low competition niche, you can target keywords in your gig’s title and description which other sellers in your niche are not targeting. So instead of saying “i will create a logo for your company”, try “i will design a graphic for your business”. In that sentence variation alone there are dozens of possible variations to try.

Do some basic keyword research to find which keywords in your niche generate the most search volume in Google, then focus on the ones which have the highest volume and aren’t being used by your competition in Fiverr as it’s the same thought process. Even if those keywords are used in the title of a rival seller, see if they’re using the keywords in the description, as well, and if not, you might still be able to outrank them for it.

Raise Your Rank – Raising your rank is the easiest way to get more exposure and sales because those are the gigs which get prominently displayed above the rest on Fiverr. The only way to raise your rank is to record a lot of sales in a short amount of time and get good feedback once you complete the work. Promote

Aside from ranking higher on Fiverr, there are ways to raise your conversion rate as opposed to having your gigs just being seen and ignored.

First and foremost, make sure that your gig is worth $5 and effectively communicate that through both your title and gig’s description.

Secondly, make sure you have something in your gig to separate yourself from the pack, even from other sellers who are offering nearly identical services. If you’re in a competitive gig niche, think of how you can improve your gig to stand out from the others. If other sellers are promising to have it done in 24 hours, promise to have yours done in 12 hours if you’re capable of it and make sure to put that in the title.

The main key is to sell your gigs and develop your reputation as someone who delivers quality products quickly and on time. Fiverr rewards these sellers with higher rankings, so do what you can to separate yourself from the rest of the pack, get some exposure, and it will snowball from there.

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