How to Learn Search Engine Optimization

Many webmasters are understandably interested in how to learn search engine optimization considering the benefits which go along with it. It’s an estimation, but approximately 50% or ONE IN TWO people click on the first ranked website in Google over everything else they see on the page whether that’s paid advertising or lesser ranking pages. After that first page, the number drops off significantly to around 15%.How to Learn Search Engine Optimization

How to Learn Search Engine Optimization

Getting your website to appear in the SERPs comes down to four parts, so in this article I’ll address how to learn SEO most effectively by covering what you need to know.

I mentioned when it comes to how to learn search engine optimization, it can be broken down into 4 parts, so let’s go over each of these components individually now.

Keyword Research

First, we have keyword research. Keywords are the words which you target or use on and off of your site to refer to your content. keyword researchKeywords are still the most important and effective way in which search engines identify the subject matter of your content and rank you accordingly. While simply selecting good keywords (see what is a good keyword to learn the 4 qualifiers with which to select your keywords) to target on your site won’t automatically allow you to rank well for them, it’s an important first step.

I’ve covered how to do keyword research in length on this site and on the post which I just linked to in particular, so check that out for further information on how to do it using the best free research tool on the net.

On Page SEO

The second part of how to learn SEO is in the implementation. You should be using your keywords which you’ve just selected effectively whenever you create your content so that Google and other search engines know that that is what your content is about and this will help to rank you for those keywords.

This means using your keywords in a new page’s title, description, in the content itself, and in the tags for any images or other multimedia you include, just to name a few. I’ve done a complete run down regarding on page SEO factors which explains everything to bear in mind in full, so refer to that in addition to my recent keyword SEO post to get an understanding on where and how to use your keywords on your page specifically.

Link Building

Link building is the most important aspect in how to learn SEO because search engines rely on the quality and quantity of links to a particular page more than anything as a measure of its worth and use that to determine how high or low they should be ranking it. You can think of a link from another website as being like a virtual thumbs up from that webmaster who is vouching for your content to the various search engines, so search engines pay attention to things like that.

See my recent post on what is link building for more information.

Social Proof

I am including social proof as a fourth part which is still argued as to how important this is in terms of SEO. Social proof is similar to a link to your site in that someone else is giving you a virtual thumbs up to vouch for your content but without the link. This is generally done by way of a social network such as Facebook or Google Plus (think “Like” or “Plus 1”). Check out this post on what is social proof or these 4 social media optimization techniques for more information on how to step up your social game.

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