How to Create the Perfect Copy By Using Worldview

A worldview is an all encompassing term to refer to someone’s outlook on life and everything in it. It dictates how they will respond to any given situation whether that’s a question asked of them, an event which presents itself to them, or even an advertisement. The last bit is what we’re going to be focusing on, because it’s quite possibly the most important aspect of marketing or copywriting, so let’s talk about using worldview.Using Worldview

Using Worldview

When you understand someone’s worldview, you can predict how they will respond to your advertisement, or perhaps better said, you can create the perfect advertisement when you understand someone’s worldview.

Everything about success in marketing in general becomes a downhill battle when you can project ahead of time their response to an advertisement.

Think about it:

  • No more scratching your head, wondering why you’re not making any sales, getting more click-throughs, getting more traffic.
  • No more wondering where to start when it comes to creating your sales page, call to actions, or advertisements.
  • No more wondering what the heck your audience is thinking.

You’ll have a huge leg up over all of your competitors because you’re the guy or gal who gets it; you know what they believe as well as they do and can align yourself with that. So how do you get to that place where you can predict reactions in your audience before it happens?

worldviewFirst, simply thinking about that question and recognizing how crucial it is already half of the battle. Once you begin thinking like that and approaching your marketing plan from that starting point, every facet of marketing and copywriting becomes hugely easier.

Moving on, there’s no substitute to being one of your own customers. If you are suffering from the same problem your target audience is, then you are already in their headspace. You know why the problem is such a problem. You know lots of other solutions haven’t worked. You know how great it feels once you found the solution. All of this is a great jumping off point.

After that, research goes a very long way to providing insight as to how your audience thinks. Remember that in this day and age, most of the information you need is readily available at your fingertips via social media.

That’s why Facebook ad targeting is so effective, because you’re able to find and target your audience based on remarkably specific demographic data from age, gender, location, relationship status, and interests. Social media can tell you a great deal about your audience; it’s just a matter of sifting through and differentiating between the data you need or don’t need.

Once you understand what your audience believes in, you can begin to target your marketing accordingly and specifically. Drawing hard lines in the sand may alienate some people/audiences, but it’s going to draw the people you care about, YOUR AUDIENCE, in a great deal closer because you’re talking to them, personalizing the message to a level which most marketers don’t even consider or believe possible.

Aligning with a group’s worldview in this way is necessary in creating a truly targeted message. The worst thing you can do is to create a soft and flat ad which sort of appeals to everyone but never accomplishes anything or persuades anyone to do anything. These are the kinds of ads/marketing/copy which fail to ever land and result in the sound of crickets chirping.

Now once you understand your audience’s worldview, it’s not as simple as putting that message in front of them. You can see a dozen paintings the same thing but they’ll always come out differently from one another because each artist will view and approach that object in a unique way. The same is said for your communication of a worldview: it has to be unique.

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