How I Get 200 UV Daily Through Blog Commenting

Hey guys, Paul here just checking in to remind you all to not overlook the value of blog commenting in today’s world of online marketing. Typically it’s all about SEO, so most webmasters and online marketers tend to focus on the link juice aspects of blog commenting, possibly even leaving their keyword as their name to varying results.Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting

Let’s not forget the woes and dangers of over optimization, so why even bother trying to use your exact keywords when linking back to your site as anchor text. It’s much more effective to use your website’s URL, your name, or just about any other kind of generic text as this looks a great deal more natural which is key these days. If you get a chance to create a very high PR one way link to your site then every now and then you might use your anchor text, but otherwise don’t overdo it.

So that tangent aside, what’s the secret of my 200 daily unique views (as in 200 different people are visiting my site daily solely through blog commenting)? Here’s my formula step by commenting

First, you can’t leave your best blog comment on just any blog and expect results. You need a blog which gets quality readers, and a lot of them, too. Search for blogs in your niche and take a look to see if their posts are getting a lot of comments. Secondly look to see if that blog’s existing comments are from actual people or if it’s just links plus advertisements and keywords, an indication that it’s not worth your time obviously.

If the blog checks out, read the article and leave a 2-3 paragraph comment relating to a specific part of the article or conversely add a completely different but relevant insight. Never make your comment out to be spammy and don’t forget that self serving is a form of spam, so don’t mention anything you’ve written or anything about your website during these paragraphs as that’s a surefire way to turn off anyone reading your comment.

End your comment below that final paragraph with a signature (Your Name/Pen Name – Your Website). This doesn’t come across as spammy, particularly if you separate it from the final paragraph. This makes it easy for people to find your site and identify you with it.

Remember that getting in early with your comment after that post has gone out is the best way to ensure that your comment is most visible and will attract a lot of attention, so a good way to keep on top of this is by subscribing to the RSS feeds of a few blogs in particular that you’re trying to comment on and checking that feed for updates often so that you can be among the first to comment.

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