Heading Tags Not Appearing in Internet Explorer?

I used a friend’s computer earlier to do something quick on this site and saw that none of my heading tags were appearing in his browser (Internet Explorer). This was a bit distressing considering anyone browsing my site using IE 9 since it came on the block, so for about 4 months now, was seeing my site without any heading tags.

This means that none of my page or post titles were appearing anywhere on the site and any heading tags were invisible within the text of a post if I used them, as well. Very confusing and very unprofessional, indeed.

This is a problem which could be affecting a lot of WordPress based webmasters or anyone using Cufon for fonts. Apparently it’s a problem with Internet Explorer 9 not being compatible with some out of date versions of Cufon. I was obviously one of those people, but fortunately the solution is simple enough to enact.

Heading Tags Not Appearing in Internet Explorer?

The Solution

Download the latest cufon font js file from here (right click and select save as), then delete the old “cufon-yui.js” file and add the new version to the wp-content/themes/yourtheme/js directory of your hosting account and this should fix the problem instantly.

This just goes to show the importance of routinely checking your website out in terms of appearance in different browsers using a free service like Browser Shots.

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