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Article syndication is the most important of my 3 reasons to continue article marketing on article directories. Sure we can get backlinks and some traffic coming from publishing our articles on an article directory, but we’ll almost always get just as much if not more traffic and link juice (depending on the sites involved) if and when our article gets syndicated on another webmaster’s site. Let’s talk about how to syndicate articles now.

How to Syndicate Articles

Article syndication, if you’re unfamiliar with it, means that another webmaster takes your content and republishes it word for word on their website while giving you full credit and any links intact pointing back to your site, typically in the resource box. Syndication is a very powerful way to increase website traffic and because you’re content is being exposed to a new audience and you’re picking up some potentially very powerful link juice at the same.How to Syndicate Articles

My content for my various sites has been syndicated hundreds of times on hundreds of sites around the web. I have thousands of articles submitted to Ezine Articles and as you can see from this pic I just took, I have dozens of articles which have all been syndicated 10 or more times individually.

article syndication

If you click on the pic to see it full sized, you’ll see that most of those articles are recent from the past few months or so. I like to think I know a few things about how to syndicate articles, so here is your guide to article syndication.

First, remember to always submit your content to your site before you submit it to article directories (see submitting an article to my site versus an article directory). Next, consider these 4 article syndication tips when actually writing your articles with syndication in mind:

  1. Longer Articles Syndicate Better Than Shorter – In my experience, my longer articles produce better than my shorter ones. This isn’t just because there’s more perceived quality and information in longer articles but also in my case because there are occasions when I’ll write an article and it will be just under the article directory’s minimum word count and I’ll have to stretch it out and typically the quality will suffer. Of course when I’m really passionate about what I’m writing about I’ll go well over the minimum mark by hundreds of words and this represents some of my best writing which will consequently get syndicated more frequently.
  2. Don’t Sell – This one makes sense, but no webmaster wants to put an over-hyped sales letter on their website. They want informative content which asks very little to nothing in return.
  3. Be Entertaining – People will prefer entertaining and quirky informative articles over purely informative articles every time, so deliver that to them. This makes you stand out from the typical writing voice, and it will make that webmaster’s site seem more fun at the same time, so this kind of writing is more likely to be syndicated.
  4. Controversy Sells – Being controversial or provocative with what you’re writing is a great way to get published on someone else’s site, even if they disagree with you!

Article Syndication Sites

There are lots of article directories which are great for article syndication sites. I recommend Ezine Articles above all others because it’s easily the most trafficked, popular, and quality article directory online. Submitting your articles there is the best solution for getting it noticed by the most webmasters who are looking for content for their sites and it’s in Ezine’s TOS that your resource box has to be left intact so all of your links will pass link juice and traffic from that webmaster’s site to yours.

Don’t focus entirely on established article directories, however. You can find your own article syndication sites by making note of who is republishing your content then contacting those webmasters and offering to get them your content before you publish it on Ezine (but after you publish it on your site, of course). If they liked your content enough to syndicate it in the first place then odds are that they’ll do it again.

You can do this to build up a substantial clientele of websites which you can send your new content to so that you can bring in a number of new backlinks on websites within your niche with every new post which you make.

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