Adapting to The New Facebook Timeline Pages Layout

Every time we get comfortable and used to something we like, it seems like that’s when it needs to change, doesn’t it? That’s been the case with the new Facebook timeline pages layout.

The most notable change is that you can no longer set a custom landing page. This will likely eat into Facebook’s advertising revenue. I say that because I for one have scaled back on the advertising I did with them as in the past I was content to send traffic on Facebook to my page on Facebook and specifically to the welcome tab which was a signup for my mailing list.

I had a good conversion rate when it came to that strategy but now everyone is directed to your generic timeline page and consequently and not at all surprising, it’s not nearly as effective. So what can we do moving forward?

You’ll notice that four tabs now occupy the space next to the “about” section (if you have more than four they are hidden). new facebook timeline layoutWhile we can no longer set a default landing page/tab, we can reorganize the order of those tabs to prioritize the information and content which we want to get out there. This includes your signup form tab, so make sure you name it something so that people will click on it like “Free Recipes” or something to that effect.

Click on the box with the down arrow to the right of your 4th tab and you can rearrange your tabs by clicking on the one which you want to replace. This increased visibility coupled with an effective description for that tab will help with conversions.

I mentioned the “about” section. You can use this to mention a bit about your company, or you can give it a more practical use and use it to direct people to your email sign up tab or any other information you want to impart. This short blurb is what most people will notice and read when they reach your page, so make the most of it and prioritize the information you want to get out there, then you can use your “company overview” section to give a more detailed and extended biography which someone will see if they click on your about section.

Make sure to use the “Pin” feature, as well. This is like stickying a post on a message board. When you create a new post on your Facebook page, click on the pencil icon to edit it and click “Pin to Top” and it will keep that post on top of all new and subsequent posts which you make in the next 7 days before it will drop off.

You can use the pin feature as another opportunity to make your best content more highly visible to your audience. Again you can use this to promote your mailing list or anything else you want to call attention to. When it expires and drops off after a week, make a new one.

Note that your CANNOT use your cover photo to draw attention to your email list signup tab by creating a cover photo background with an arrow or a call to action, so you have to use the above tips to get the most out of the new Facebook timeline layout.

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