3 Types of Website Advertising to Make Money From on Your Site

Being a webmaster is a very profitable way to make a living if you have a decent amount of traffic and take advantage of different types of website advertising.Types of Website Advertising

Types of Website Advertising

This is one of the greatest ways to make a living because you don’t even have to promote any products as in with affiliate marketing. You are rewarded for writing about what you already know about and love.

Everyone has something which they can talk about and contribute to the already crowded Internet, so you can translate your passions, your hobbies, or your education and parlay that into a well trafficked website through search engine optimization and dozens of other traffic sources.

Right now we’ll look at how you can make money from 3 types of website advertising which any webmaster can use to generate income simply through writing about what they love.

First, you have Adsense. This is Google’s advertising network for webmasters who want to make money from their traffic. Adsense is all automated, and it puts tiny text based ads on your website based on the kind of content which you are writing about. When people click on these ads on your website, you are rewarded with a small commission for generating that lead. The more traffic which you generate for your site, the more money you make because the more clicks you’ll be generating.

Another similar advertising network is Infolinks. Infolinks is similar to Adsense in that it put ads on your website; the fundamental difference is that the ads appear as clickable links within your text.

This makes these advertisements much less intrusive for your readers. It’s also a lot more attractive as opposed to Adsense ads which can look a bit spammy. You get paid for every click and you get paid more per click than you do generally from clicks through Adsense, so a lot of webmasters are beginning to embrace in text advertising as a result.

Finally, you have banner advertising. Through banner advertising, you know exactly who the other webmasters who are advertising on your site are. They put a graphical ads around your website in spaces which you allow and they typically pay you a monthly flat rate rather than paying based on clicks in most cases.

The great thing about banner advertising is both but it’s very profitable but at the same time it’s also completely hands-free using an automated plug-in for WordPress called OIO Publisher. This is a plug-in which I use on a number of my websites which automatically deals with any advertisers interested in paying to put their banners and images on your website.

The plug-in notifies the webmaster/advertiser how much it costs to put up that banner and that particular space, lets them choose the location of your website where they put the banner using the spaces and advertising locations which you the webmaster have designated, and the plugin even handles payment from the advertiser and then pulls the ad once their contract has expired. The only thing that you have to do is approve the ad to go live on your site so you have final say to make sure that the ad is appropriate for your audience.

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