HootSuite Review and Tutorial

HootSuite is a powerful social network managing tool which you can use to, well manage your many social network accounts. Best of all it’s completely FREE. In this article we’ll talk about how to use HootSuite.HootSuite Review

HootSuite Review

Ability to add multiple accounts, schedule as many messages as you want for individual networks, have team settings so that you can choose other people and give them access to use Hootsuite in your stead. An application of this feature is you can pick and choose a tweet which someone wrote to you and you can assign one of the people in your team to respond to that tweet for you.

Maybe you have a sizable company and you have a customer service department so when someone sends you a message saying they’re having trouble, you can designate that the customer support person in your team reply to that specific message which you’ll see in HootSuite.

The RSS/Atom feed section is another powerful feature because you can pick and choose both when and where you want updates from your RSS feed of choice to appear. So if you have a blog and you have an RSS feed setup for new posts to that blog, you can set HootSuite up to check that feed at increments of your choice (12 hours, 2 days, etc.) and automatically post as many updates which it finds and which you want to your social networks of choice at a time. It just takes a few clicks to set it up so that your blog’s RSS feed posts to every single social network which your Ping.FM account reaches, for example, resulting in potentially a lot of traffic coming back to your site.

Refer to this video on how to use HootSuite by watching me walk you through its various functions which I’ve discussed in this article:

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