Call to Action Marketing

Call to action marketing is an important skill to employ if you have any kind of conversion based goal which will probably represent most everyone reading this. Your goal could be anything from motivating your reader to buy your product or service, give you their email address or other information, or to even click on your Facebook “Like” to action marketing

Each of these examples centers around the important action which you want your audience to take. Buy this, give us that, etc. This is where call to action marketing comes in, but an obvious initial question to answer is what is call to action?

Call to Action Definition

A call to action is most often compelling and persuasive copy which you use to convince your audience to take your desired action. You want to create that final spark to get your audience motivated and carry out your objective, and just the right copy can accomplish that.

Conversely, if you fail to inspire your audience when the time is right, even with everything else perfectly in place, your reader can walk away because you didn’t know how to use call to action marketing.

So where can we find some are some examples of call to action marketing? One place in which they are especially prevalent and noticeable is in article marketing. Go to any of the major article directories online and you’ll find millions of articles written by thousands of people with the sole objective of getting you the reader to click through their links in the resource box of their article and visit their website. Once you’re on their website, they will likely have a different call to action in place, but in article marketing that’s the first step.

For example, someone writes a great article about abused or abandoned animals. The article is interesting, poignant, and teaches you a lot of things which you didn’t know which these animals went through.

Your objective with this article is to raise awareness for shelters and pet adoption with the ultimate goal being motivating your reader to go to your website which is a directory of shelters in the United States so that they can quickly find the one closest to them.

Traditional examples of generic calls to action marketing online would be “click here”. We can do a bit better, especially with this example. Because most article directories allow two links in the resource box, we can first say “Visit ExampleRescueSite”, then “Find and rescue your best friend today”.

These are two great examples of call to action marketing. First we’re asking them to visit our rescue website which is clearly labeled in its title. That’s pretty easy after the article we just delivered, but we take it one step further by hitting our reader with the even more dramatic call to action of FIND and RESCUE. Those are some powerful verbs which grab the readers attention.

As if that wasn’t enough, we up the stakes by letting them know that this is their BEST FRIEND that who is in trouble here, and they need to take action TODAY. I expect that combined with a great article that this resource box/call to action would deliver a very impressive click through rate.

With article marketing and some other kinds of online marketing, you’ll be using your call to action as the hyperlink/clickable text to move people from one location to another online, one step closer to your offer.

Looking for more call to action examples? Check out my BIG list of 60 call to action examples for ideas to motivate your traffic and customers to take action regardless of niche, product, or service.

OR check out my 86 page all inclusive copywriting eBook: “Creating Converting Copy – How to Create Copy Which Converts For Your Online Business” which that list is taken from.

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