The Software System Review – An Early Look at Trey Smith’s The Software System

Trey Smith has a new online course for making money but it’s out of the typical realms of online marketing. If you’ve seen any of the three warm-up videos meant to get you excited for this new course, it’s apparent that he’s put in a lot of work into it. I figured people would appreciate a better idea of what this new course is all about, minus the crypticality (not a word) which other marketers use to peak your interest, so here is my albeit early The Software System review.

This course will teach you how to make money online in a relatively new and still largely untapped market: software. Before I start to sound like the guy who gave Dustin Hoffman a piece of one word advice near the beginning of “The Graduate”, let me expound on that.

Downloadable, web, and mobile based software is a massive industry in today’s tech centered culture. Smart phones, Facebook, and constant Internet usage are staples of our society and the apps and games which people download every day have evolved into a multi-billion dollar annual business. The predominantly online based “Farmville” already has over 62 million active users in its short life of just a couple of years.

With monumentally simple ideas such as a game like “Angry Birds” moving 50 million copies across all platforms since it was released JUST OVER A YEAR AGO in December of 2009, no name programmers and publishers are turning these ideas into huge multi multi million dollar paydays.

This is where Trey Smith’s “The Software System” comes into play. This is a 5 week online course designed to teach complete technological and even marketing virgins how to create hugely popular games and apps across the major three categories: downloadable, web, and mobile. No, you won’t be programming anything yourself, Trey teaches you how to hook up with skillful programmers who will work for cheap and turn around your idea quickly.

All you need to bring to the table (besides your checkbook for the course) is a good software idea whether that be for a game, a useful app, etc. The key to success is not so much creating the software but marketing it. Most of the publishers behind even the best and most popular games and apps out today aren’t that good at selling software, so most of the course focuses on teaching you how to best get your software in front of your audience.

Obvious question: Why listen to Trey in the first place? He created the Computer TV Program, or rather he came up with the idea and found some capable programmers to bring that idea to life, then did the marketing for it which subsequently went on to move a lot of copies, earning himself well over a million dollars in doing so. To do this, he went through the exact same process which he covers from start to finish in The Software System.

Okay, now with that background let’s take a look at what exactly you get with The Software System. This is a one time live online course, meaning the material (live videos, screen course, documentation, and a weekly 2 hour Q and A session with Trey himself) which will exclusively be available to those who sign up for the course will go live. From there the course lasts 5 weeks, so now let’s take a brief overview look at what is covered in each week:

Week 1 – How to come up with a good software idea and a look at the most popular software options to give you an idea of what is popular, presents 100 types of software you can choose from to create yours, the budget required to make each, and a look at the major 3 categories (Mobile, Downloadable, Web)

Bonus: Trey explains which software he chooses and why, he’ll also partner with a few marketers to help them out and share their results with the rest of the group

Week 2 – How to outsource, what to say/what not to say on Odesk (a hub for finding and connecting with freelance programmers), how to pick best programmer.

Bonus: Chance to hire Trey’s personal programmers who made Computer TV, Access to Skype Chat log with Trey’s head programmer

Week 3 – How to begin marketing your software while it is being made. How to build website, get a huge email list quickly, best promotional methods, how to get it reviewed by the best biggest critics

Bonus: Website convertor (converts any website into exe file), use of Black Box (enables customers to contact you through software)

Week 4 – How to get customers. Tactics Trey himself used to sell over 60,000 copies of his Computer TV Software on Google. Techniques for ranking high in iPhone and Mac and App Store

Bonus: Meet Trey’s personal traffic expert Mr. PPC will pop in on the 2 hour Q and A

Week 5 – Learn how to spy on your competitors, including looking at their marketing strategy in reverse so you can mimic that strategy.

Bonus: How to copy protect your software so no one steals your idea, how to manage multiple software projects, how to manage support system for your users.

Overall Bonuses:

  • Trey personally helps you sell your software, he’ll list everyone’s software when it’s finished in his Software System Network, and he’ll email out your idea twice a month to his email list of 85,000 subscribers.
  • Also learn how to make a social networking site like Facebook.
  • You get access to his Software System Live Event which takes place in San Diego which includes guest appearances from Christian Weslack (PPC Ninja), Jeremy Shoemaker, Chad Mureta (who makes $8,000 a day on the iPhone store through sales of his apps, and others.
  • 5 Weeks of live videos, phone calls, screen recordings, access to Trey’s personal programmers, The Software System Network.
  • 30 Days to Test Course.

It all sounds great, doesn’t it. If you were waiting for the catch, here it is. Signing up for this course is priced at a one time payment of $2,700. Yep, $2,700.

Yes, it’s a huge investment. That’s the only way you can look at or justify spending $2,700 on this course: an investment. If you’ve got just one solid idea then that investment has the potential to convert into a huge ROI for you.

Plus it’s worth mentioning that Trey is offering a full 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked. You could look at that thinking that since it’s just a 5 week course that you’ll be able to take at least half of the course while still having the option of getting out.

That seems foolish on Trey’s part until you keep in mind much if not most of the value of the program is in the resources Trey provides rather than simply the information itself, plus the fact that he will go out of his way to promote your ideas to help justify the price tag.

According to most of the big name marketers who are affiliating for Trey and keep in touch with him (I’m not affiliating this one, just covering it), it’s close to selling out just one day after going live, at least in terms of signing up for the course. Put as much stock into that as you will, I don’t see how it could technically sell out, considering it’s online based, until the course actually begins live next week, but considering he’s doing the weekly Q and A and working himself with those who sign up it’s likely he wants to keep the numbers from getting out of hand to keep the help more helpful and intimate.

Bottom line because this is supposed to be a “The Software System” review, if you’ve got $2,700 lying around and a fantastic software idea then you might want to check out Trey’s video. Nope, believe it or not that’s NOT an affiliate link attached to the $2,700 offer. If you’re feeling generous, though, why not leave a comment of your thoughts on this course?

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