How to Use Google Trends to Make Money

I discussed this a bit in “The No Nonsense Marketing/Making Money Online Handbook”, but I figured that I would make a proper post about how to use Google Trends to make money.How to Use Google Trends to Make Money

In internet terms, if something is trending that means that the number of searches for that topic has exploded in a very short term by people all over the internet. Most search engines have a trending section in which you can view the latest and greatest trending topics.

Trends Buzz is a neat little service which enables you to check out the most searched words of both the day and the current MINUTE for all of the major search engines and other services like Twitter simultaneously. Using this kind of bandwagon promotion, you’re jumping on to promote what’s hot right at this minute while it’s fresh in people’s minds and they’re interested in further content on that topic.

There are three ways for how to use Google Trends to make money off of online trends.

How to Use Google Trends to Make Money

  1. First, you can search for affiliate offers pertaining to that topic. Obviously many of the trending topics aren’t able to be monetized in this way like celebrity names or news stories unless you really get creative, but oftentimes you’ll find some kind of product or service to promote.If you’re not sure, just plug in a few of the top trending topics into OfferVault or even in Google search for “topic + affiliate” and you’d be surprised at how many of these topics have relevant affiliate offers/programs associated with them.
  2. Conversely and perhaps more easily, if you’re a fan of adsense then you can throw up a quick blog, enable adsense, blog about that trending topic IMMEDIATELY, then bookmark it. Because it’s already trending, people will be thirsting for anything new about that topic and your blog can very easily be picked up and result in some huge traffic in the short term, equaling adsense income for you.
  3. Finally, you can make a nice profit off of the sale of a domain which you’ve registered around that trending topic if you’re handy with website flipping. If there is an affiliate product to be sold around that topic, you can put together an attractive website around that product with a little bit of content, then put it up for sale immediately after for a 3 or even 4 figure sale. Domain name choice is crucial here, so getting in early when something first begins to trend and scooping up that perfect keyword rich domain name is the key.
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