How to Use Facebook For Business and 3 Reasons to Do It

Do you know how to use Facebook for your business? Facebook has somewhere around 2 billion (yes, with a “B”) accounts at the time of this post and many of those regularly log in to Facebook at least once each day. That’s millions of people who are likely already interested in the focus of your site/company and could translate to valuable customers if only you had a way to connect with them on to use facebook for business

If staggering user numbers aren’t enough, let’s look at how to use Facebook for business and 3 reasons to do it.

How to Use Facebook For Business

First off, setting up a Facebook page is necessary for enabling people to “Like” your content and page. This is the most important way of how to use Facebook for business and I’ve talked about this in the past. Whether you like it or not, Facebook is continuing to play an ever increasing role in SEO and determining how your web pages rank. Check out this post on what is social proof to learn more about why this is happening.

Additionally, it should be understood that whenever someone “Likes” your page, this becomes included on each of their friend’s news feeds. Additionally, every update which you make with your Facebook page becomes a part of and included in that person who liked your page’s feed. This makes it a great way to regularly remain connected with a fraction of those 600 million users.

You can tie your RSS feed from your website to your Facebook page so that every new post you make on your site is reflected on your Facebook page. Again, every update which you make is reflected in everyone who “Liked” your site’s feed.

Secondly, many of your competitors are already on Facebook and enjoying its benefits. That means people can “Like” their content and your competitors is enjoying those SEO benefits of this, and it proves that they are a relevant company. If you want to keep up with your competitors who are already on Facebook, it’s your time to join, as well. Plus, not every one of your competitors are on Facebook yet, so you’ll have the edge on them right now.

Finally, a lot of people are beginning to set and use Facebook as their homepage. Some people don’t even leave Facebook and use it in place of search engines. Some people even predict that Facebook could eventually take the place of conventional/traditional search engines and websites as we know it. No matter how you slice it, Facebook is going to continue to play a huge part in the future of the internet.

Now the most important step in how to use Facebook for business is setting up your own page on it, so let’s look at how to make a page on Facebook.

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