How to Navigate the Clickbank Marketplace to Choose an Affiliate Product

I’m a few weeks out from launching a new product of my own and I’ll be documenting every step of the process on this site. In the meantime I guess you could say I’m in an affiliate product kind of mood, so in this video based post I’ll address how to navigate the Clickbank marketplace to find products to promote, find information on those products, and what you can determine from that information in terms of that product’s quality.

Remember that the Clickbank Marketplace and the information it will provide you on the products you’re looking at is no substitute for the methods I covered in this post on how to pick the best affiliate product to promote.


  • You can search the Clickbank Marketplace either by category or keyword search and from there you can sort your results by a number of parameters.
  • Icons below the product can tell you additional information such as does it have a recurring offer, affiliate tools, etc.
  • The Clickbank Marketplace is fine for doing basic searches but don’t let its statistics be the be all end all or even a large part of your search for the perfect product to promote.
  • Don’t discount a product due to low gravity. Check out this post on Clickbank gravity to learn how it’s calculated specifically and why you should take it with a grain of salt.
  • Check out as an alternative to the Clickbank marketplace for finding information on the products you’re looking for. CB-Analytics gives you information on how the gravity and other statistics of a product has risen or fallen over time along with other useful information which you can use to better promote that product and even get an idea of the kinds of keywords have historically performed the best in sending traffic to that site so that you can consider targeting the same in knowing that they work.
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