How to Make Backend Sales Without Lifting a Finger

Backend sales are how the biggest merchants make the biggest share of their income each year. Let’s talk about how to make backend sales without lifting a finger right now.How to Make Backend Sales

How to Make Backend Sales

First, let’s address what are backend sales?backend sales

Backend sales are sales of your products which a customer makes after making an initial purchase from you.

The very cool thing about backend sales is that they’re all profit. You maybe spent $100 in Adwords advertising (for example) to generate 10 sales of your $15 product each, meaning $150 earned. Simple subtraction shows that you only earned $50 in profit.

But wait! If we follow up with each of those customers either immediately after that sale (while their credit card is still out) or later with an email advertising our higher tiered or supplemental product to go with whatever they just or previously bought, there’s a good chance that that customer will purchase that follow up offer, as well.

If someone purchased that initial product from you, it’s very likely that they’ll make a backend followup purchase from you, as well. And the best thing about that second sale is that you didn’t spend a dime to make it happen! I cannot over emphasize the importance of backend sales.

This is why a lot of marketing gurus who know what they’re doing will go ahead and offer 100% commissions on their initial product to their affiliates in order to essentially get free traffic coming to their backend offers.

After you’ve created that initial product, think of how you can create another relevant product which someone would be interested in purchasing and, after creating that product, promote it to your existing customers via email and put it up as being the page which customers who purchase your first product go to after they make that purchase so again you can hit them while their credit card is still out and they’re in the buying mood.

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